Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Star Trekking ... to dine outdoors

Last night ... following the map of stars above (Star Trek)—we trekked to the grassy cliff at the bottom of the land, overlooking the Atlantic. We spread the tarpaulin which has been present at many outdoor group healing meditations and is therefore infused with wonderful energy and memories. 

This was the spontaneous "Table for Two plus One". The image shows the pitch oil lamp standing on the cooler. The wind was low, so the flame of the lamp was not extinguished. The night was dark so the stars were bright, with shooting stars visible. There was even an orange meteorite. The food and drink were simple, with diverse flavours and textures. There was a mix of talking, silence and singing. At some point the lamp flame flickered and died. We left it that way and all lay down looking up at the constellations before saying goodbye to the experience.

Have you had your Table for Two Made for You experience yet?