Saturday, December 19, 2015

Review of my book, Tobago Peeps, by Shivanee Ramlochan

(Review by Shivanee Ramlochan for Paper Based Bookshop)
A collection of Duncan’s columns on living in Tobago, originally published in the Trinidad Guardian, these pieces have at their core a steadily reflective heart. The author, who wears many creative hats — also working as a Kundalini yoga teacher and boutique restaurateur of Table for Two, Made For You — distinguishes herself from a herd of lukewarm, generic presenters, who offer vapid portraits on Tobago as an “idyllic paradise”. There is much that is sublime and magnificent about the island, her people and their particularities: the strength of these assembled columns is that they view the space and its inhabitants from an embracing and inclusive perspective.

Whether ruminating on the inquisitive jaunts of her rehabilitated canine companion, Venus, or sharing the first-hand thoughts of Tobagonians on life, love and the Mystery Tombstone, the centre of each column basks in a generous, good-spirited light. In her “Peace and Love” discourse, Duncan shares the spirit of a timeless message in patience, showing how it resonates not just with her, but with her Kundalini yoga class at Castara Retreats:

“Now with this pebble returning to me full circle, I am reminded of the message that if you let love go and it comes back, it’s yours. I look around the class, sensing that each person has established a meaningful connection with his or her trinket. I don’t ask what their symbolic associations are, but I make my own for each: hope, blessings, insight, luck, more luck, guidance, fulfillment, release.”

From rescued roadside birds reposing peacefully in Heineken boxes, to empowering and rib-tickling anthems printed across the windscreens of idling gas station cars, the vision in Tobago Peeps is of a steady, connected gaze — one that sees smiling dogs, sage rastamen and seven-ingredient health juices in all their limitless, love-strewn potential.

We recommend it for: fans of Elspeth’s short story collection, Daisy Chain, who’re eager to sample her nonfiction style; those seeking a uniquely charming read for their next Store Bay stroll; anyone interested in Tobago’s richness and depth, beyond the brochure signposts.


1. Things Natural (Crown Point, Tobago)
2. Time to Wine (Shirvan Plaza, Tobago)
3. Shore Things Cafe & Craft​ (Lambeau, Tobago)
4. Healing with Horses (Buccoo, Tobago)
5. Paper Based Bookstore (Hotel Normandie, Trinidad)
6. International Orders please request details by messaging via Tobago Peeps Facebook page.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Last night was the first public reading of my new book, TOBAGO PEEPS. It was held at Time to Wine (wine shop), Shirvan Plaza, Tobago. Cosy setting, intimate crowd, lovely evening.
For more photos of the reading, click here to be redirected to the TOBAGO PEEPS public Facebook page.

The next reading is at Paper Based Bookstore's 'Tea & Reading' event tomorrow, 28 November 2015 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Hotel Normandie.

The next Tobago reading is on Wednesday 9 December 2015 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Shore Things Cafe, Milford Road, Lambeau. Please visit the event page for details and to sign up

TOBAGO PEEPS is available 

In Tobago at:
Things Natural, Crown Point
Time to Wine, Shirvan Plaza
From me via the Facebook page (international orders in particular)

Available in Trinidad at:
Paper Based Bookstore, Hotel Normandie

Saturday, November 21, 2015

TOBAGO PEEPS - my latest book

Hot off the press: My book, Tobago Peeps. 

Join the TOBAGO PEEPS Facebook page ( to learn about upcoming November readings in Tobago and Trinidad, as well as availability at locations in Tobago and Trinidad. Those living abroad may order copies via private message on the Facebook page to order copies.

About the book
Tobago Peeps' started as a column written by Elspeth Duncan, published every Monday in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper since December 2013.

"In this delightful collection of peeps into Tobago life from her unique perspective, Elspeth Duncan invites readers to recognize, appreciate and enjoy the extra in the ordinary. Her insightful accounts of random encounters create a keepsake book that is both a one-of-a-kind Tobago souvenir and a simple but powerful reminder to anyone, anywhere that every day is an opportunity for uplifting experiences, memorable encounters and meaningful moments." (Back cover blurb)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wednesday lunch dates in August 2015

Delicious, wholesome raw vegan meals for two.  Click here to read about this wonderful Wednesday special from Table for Two Made for You—for the month of August 2015 only.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

SACRED GROUNDING for your relationship

Two bubbles connect amorously in a fresh chilled glass of "Sacred Grounding". 

Concocted by Table for Two Made for You to resonate with the energies of your first chakra (which is red in colour), this refreshing raw blend feeds the foundation of your relationship, supporting elements that enable deeper feelings of grounding, stability, security and belonging.

The drink invites you and your companion to TRUST—Self, each Other and Life. All is well.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Click here to read more about Thou Art Yoga's W.O.W. Retreats.

"I highly recommend Elspeth’s retreats and classes. Many of us lead stressful lives where emotional reserves are drained. This compromises our ability to cope and successfully surf the uncertainty that is life. Time with Elspeth literally energises our batteries and refills these precious reserves.  The stars truly shine brighter after."

(Dr. Adana M-G.)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Venus: Doggess of Love

Venus & Magnet
By popular request, Venus now has her own Facebook page (click here to access it), which was set up two days ago.  So far it features a few of her videos which, most recently, include videos of her and her new companion, Magnet, the baby chick.