This was Detta's brief email:
By now you will probably have heard what has happened to Ms Lady. Murch came home yesterday and found her dead. There were fallen fruit from his zaboca tree all over the place. We think that the local druggie came in to steal the fruit and she attacked him. She had a compound fracture of her only wing and had been tossed into a disused tank.

Detta gently approaching Lady when she first came to the Wildlife Orphanage and Rehab Centre

This Pelican, whose companion was slaughtered in front of her and who was maimed by humans (her wing cut off) survived the trauma and, in the caring hands of Detta, healed gracefully and swiftly, becoming a very personable bird and companion. She was as much at home in Detta's house as she was in her garden, splashing in her pond, fraternizing with the dogs and other animals and hissing at strangers. Queen of the property. The sign on the gate should have said: BEWARE OF THE PELICAN. She was protective of, loyal to and had a special bond with Detta, who she no doubt knew was instrumental in her return to life and love. It will feel strange to go to Detta's and not be greeted by this lovely winged creature.

You will be missed, Lady. May your heaven be a vast ocean filled with an endless supply of fish and friendship.