Monday, December 23, 2013

Tobago Peeps: Free Public Wifi Consultant (FPWC)

Pavilion at Scarborough esplanade, Tobago

I sit here at the table in my “office” taking time out from uploading some photographs to take in surrounding sights, sounds and scents: the echo of children’s feet as they scamper toward KFC, the grind of a blender, piped mall music, low buzz of voices, smell of disinfectant, young man cleaning tables, chairs scraping as he moves them aside, idle squeaks of rubber soles on shiny floor as bored child in blue school uniform waits for mother to make purchase in nearby jewelry store. 

I look back down at my laptop and observe: a mere 45.06MB of 93.14MB, uploading in more time than it would usually take. The free public wifi (FPW) is crawling today in Lowlands Mall. Two tourists, seeing me working at my laptop, come and ask what various people in the mall have approached and asked me on occasion: “Do you get free wifi here?” Of course. Their faces light up, possibly anticipating the pleasure of uploading sunny beach photos to Facebook to tease their city-dwelling friends back home.

When I moved to Tobago in October 2012 and went to live in Goodwood on the southeast coast, I didn’t know I would become an expert in sourcing free public wifi. Goodwood, approximately 20 minutes from Scarborough, heading in the direction of Speyside, is peaceful and unhurried, except for cars that often screech perilously around the bends.

My apartment, perched on a height  at the edge of the Atlantic and nestled amidst trees, came naturally equipped with constant surround-sound waves and birdsong, a front-seat view of sunrise and an impressive chandelier of stars that had little or no light pollution to compete with their brilliance. Such a place could make anyone feel that they are on an extended retreat...not only from the “civilised” world but, often, also from the virtual world made accessible by the Internet.

It was the unpredictable, sometimes non-existent Internet signal in the area that drove me to seek and discover hotspots that were oases in the internet desert. For those who are ever seeking free wifi in Tobago, below are a few points on my two most-frequented FPW locations—Lowlands Mall and the Scarborough Esplanade. The mall...ideal for rainy days or for those who enjoy air conditioning.

Wifi availability and strength: A selection of reliable internet connections, all password-free: bzone, Haagen Dazs, Linksys, Digicel. Sit anywhere in the mall and send/receive e-mails, surf the net and conduct Skype meetings with few or no glitches. Signal strongest in/near the food court. Ambience and amenities: Pleasant tropical d├ęcor with a modern twist, air-conditioning, consistent but generally undisruptive mall noises, variety of fast-food outlets, clean washrooms, diverse shops and  MovieTowne.

Seating: High or low chairs at small but comfortable round tables. Parking: Large car park, few cars. Finding a spot is always easy. The car park/pavilion at the Scarborough Esplanade...ideal for those seeking an FPW experience with an outdoor flavour.
Wifi strength: Consistently strong for general use, inclusive of Skype—but wavers and sometimes disconnects during calls.  

Ambience and amenities: Ocean view, refreshing sea breeze, various creole food sheds for an assortment of eats and drinks, constant but undisruptive hum of traffic and, sometimes, wafting background music or amplified religious conventions.

Seating/accommodation: Option of open-air concrete seat and table sets (minus umbrellas), shady pavilion with benches and (for those who come with and stay in their cars) padded seating, air conditioning and personal music selection
Parking: Secure (guard on site) and small but, in my experience, always an available spot.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The first article of my new newspaper column

Today the first article in my new column in The Trinidad Guardian (one of the 3 daily newspapers) appeared. My column is called "Tobago Peeps" and (now that I live in Tobago) will feature little 'peeps' into random events and encounters in my life there, often featuring the 'peeps' (people) that I meet along the way.

This first article features random snippets of experiences:

The articles, which will appear every Monday, are little 'bites' of no more than 600 words each, with an accompanying photo.

(Article in text):
The ferry lurched on huge waves as we left Tobago. The Baptist-looking woman sitting across from me said calmly, “Tobago waters always rough, yes.” In the background a man (who had been guzzling puncheon in the aisle with his friends before we sailed) clung tightly to a pole near the cafeteria. A man nearby shouted to him, “Yuh holdin’ onto dat post like Jack Warnah!”


Sitting in the Gulf City Lowlands Mall. Smiling man in ethnic garb comes and sells me a laminated A4 sheet with a poem called Love.
Man: “Yuh looking like a cultural lady. And yuh have spiritual eyes.
(Gives me poem, takes donation): “Stay loving.”
Here is the poem:
The love of God must dwell in the Heart of Humanity
Love thinketh no Evil
Love does no evil to anyone, but only Good
Love bears no Malice, Envy or Grudge
Love does not take advantage of other's Weakness
To advantage its own self
Love Boasts not, nor puffs up with Pride.
Gentle not Rough, Helpful not Lazy,
Love does not behave in an unreasonable manner.
Love is not easily provoked, impatient or fretful.
Love rejoices not in others’ misfortunes
But rejoices in Truth.
Love seeketh the Wellbeing of others also
And not only Me, Myself and I.
Love is fair and just, not biased or prejudiced.
Love does Violence to no one.
Love does not lose control of its Temper and do harm or injury
Or curse its fellowman and say it was a mistake.
Love has self-control.
Love does not encourage anyone in wrong doing.
Beloved, if God so loved us
We ought to love one another.


I was on the grounds of Healing with Horses. A guest appeared holding a small puppy that had been hiding in the garden. Shortly after, she returned with another pup. Both female, seemingly abandoned. Two children, there to ride horses, became fascinated with the pups. The little boy began “massaging” them while his sister stroked them.

 At one point the boy yelled: “Ouch!” The girl turned to me and whispered: “He just got bitten on his privates.”


Behind a line of trees near the fishing depot at Fort Granby is a wooden house with a wide verandah. Upon first seeing it I wondered who lived there. I found out early one morning after a beach walk, when I took a friend to see “this fantastic wooden house.”
The owner, who was on the verandah, beckoned for us to enter, dipped inside and resurfaced with three bananas.

Carl. Elspeth. Barbara.
As we munched on our bananas, Carl told us that he had built his house and, as a boatbuilder, had also trained most of the young men in the area to master the craft. “They are like my sons. I am like a father to them and they look out for me.” He laughed when asked what he does now that he no longer builds boats. “The last person who asked me that, it took 30 minutes to answer them. I do everything.”

“Everything” included the CD he subsequently slipped into his CD player for us to hear. His latest release: Christmas in Barrackpore—a festive parang mix currently enjoying local airplay. “Are you from Barrackpore?” “No. Tobago.” So how come Christmas in Barrackpore?” “That’s just what came.”  As one who doesn’t believe in the divided notion of Trinidad and Tobago, of course he could be from Tobago and sing about Christmas in Barrackpore.  “All of we is one.”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Open 2014 with a Table for Two ... just for you and yours.

Photo: Elspeth Duncan
Fort Granby Beach, Tobago

Will you be the first couple to dine at Table for Two. Made for You. in Tobago in 2014? The night of Wednesday 1st January 2014 could be all yours ... 

Book now for this extra special way to open the doors to the new year ahead.

Table for Two. Made for You. is for those with a taste for adventure. The adventure of discovering a new realm of togetherness with your special companion ... exploring your six senses in simple, memorable ways ... enjoying a creative culinary experience that will take you out of your everyday world without you having to be anywhere but 'here'.

To make your reservation, please fill out the booking form at the link provided. We look forward to receiving it ... and you.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inspiring new horizons for "Table for Two Made for You"

Table for Two Made for You artfully, lovingly and sensitively becomes exactly what it needs to be for each special couple. Now TFT is going through an artful, loving and sensitive series of transformations of its own.

The month of November will be the final month that TFT exists at its current location/table and in its current form.

The new menu of possibilities, offerings and experiences will of course also be intimate and meaningful, with a bold dash of experimentation ... but if you wish to experience the "initial version" at the current table, please book soon to secure a space for you and your special companion. (Exception: Fridays)

To book, please use the booking form on our website

Stay tuned! Looking forward to sharing new horizons and adventures with you.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Talk with your Body

As of today I am going to consciously talk/communicate with my body and its various parts (inner and outer).

We call people on the phone, we email them, we talk with them in person, etc.—and through talking we get to know each other, what we like/don't like, want/don't want, etc. It makes sense that we would do this with our body parts.

Talking to the body, letting it know that we are inviting it to do something ... or asking it what it wants us to know ... asking it what a certain sensation means ... asking it to show via cravings what it would like to receive (food wise or otherwise) ... thanking it, all the parts, for functioning well and even inviting them to function better where necessary ... and so on. Developing a conversation with the Body. Making it a friend and companion, because it is the one physical form that will always be with us in this life time. We might as well make friends with it, as much as we can.

Even before going to sleep ... talk to the Body. Ask it how its day was, what it liked, what it didn't like, how it felt, etc. Ask things like: "Is there anything special you would like me to do for you tomorrow?" ... and so on.

As I sit here writing this, drinking Yogi Tea, I stopped for a while and paid attention to the tingling in my throat and chest (from the spices). I felt it going down the passage ... and I said to my Body: "I invite you to absorb all of the nutrient benefits of this tea as I drink it." (Taking another sip): "Thank you for listening to me and responding so quickly for our benefit."

This then leads me to think ... we need to be so aware of what we tell ourselves. Our bodies are listening and responding.

Back by popular demand—our plays.

If you missed them the first time, now is your chance to see them. Or, maybe you've already seen them and would like to enjoy them again.

"The Perfect Place" by Elspeth Duncan and "Same Ol' Mas" by Randy Ablack are back by popular demand.

Re-run is 31 October - 3 November at Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Jerningham Avenue, Belmont, Trinidad.  (Oct 31, Nov 1 and 2 at 8:00 p.m. and Nove 3 at 6:00 p.m.)


Tickets are $150 for one and $200 for two ... so bring a friend.

To book your ticket(s), please call 624-8502 or email trinidadtheatre (at) gmail (dot) com

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Recent artist photo shoot

I have worked with Malik of Malik Inniss Live Unplugged before—as his photographer for  promo images and as director/film maker on his first music video, Street Life.

Recently, while vacationing in Tobago, Malik hired me to do some new shots of him. Below are a few that were taken that afternoon by the sea in Buccoo.

To book a session for your artiste or theatre promo shots, contact me via the contact link on this blog.

 (Click on images to enlarge if desired)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking forward to seeing my play in action tonight

Coming over to Trinidad today to see "The Perfect Place" performed at Trinidad Theatre Workshop. It will be the first time I am seeing the script come to life under the creative vision of director Timmia Hearn Feldman ... and in the hands of actresses Patti-Anne Ali and Genie Lemo. Looking forward to it.

Have you booked your tickets yet? The plays run this weekend and next weekend (last run) on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of both weeks. Venue: Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Jerningham Avenue, Belmont. Call 624-8502 or email for more info and to reserve tickets.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Interview with actress Patti-Anne Ali re "The Perfect Place"

(Photo of Patti-Anne Ali by Elspeth Duncan)

Interview with Patti-Anne Ali, who plays Margot in the play "The Perfect Place" - written by Elspeth Duncan, directed by Timmia Hearn Feldman. Now showing at Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Belmont.

Q. Who is Margot?
A. A rare pearl trying to find her way out of an oyster

Q. What have you learned (for your own life) from playing Margot? Has playing this role transformed 'Patti' the person in any way?
A. The actress has learned more about the intricacies of the craft and the woman has learned more about the complexities of being

Q. As a professional actress who has been acting for the past 20 years, what are the challenges of this role?
A. I've never played a character like this before - I've played a wide range of women struggling to find and/or free themselves in all manner of situations, but never one in this particular set of circumstances, and with this unique personality

Q. How have you experienced the evolution of the play since opening night?
A. It's interesting... the Director commented that this is the kind of play that actually gets harder as opposed to easier each time it is done. She's right. Most plays have a rhythm that you can settle into, once the run has begun, and you keep working to make it better, but there is an established rhythmic infrastructure that you can sense, even as the work continues. This play however, is so filled with subtle nuances and complexities, that each night, it feels different. It requires a full commitment to honesty from the two actors, to themselves, to the piece, the the moment - and that means, it takes a different shape each night. It is quite a challenge.

Q. How does the character Annabelle impact upon your portrayal of Margot—and does this impact change nightly?
A. The character Annabelle appears to be the polar opposite of Margot - young, adventurous, in charge of her life, but as the story progresses, we realise that Annabelle too, is trapped in her own oyster. Her impact on Margot is huge, as is hopefully, Margot's impact on Annabelle. They remind each other of what they have each lost and what it might be possible to regain. The young actress - Genie Lemo - portraying the role of Annabelle, does a great job of staying honest to Annabelle's complexities, to staying present to the moment and to her interactions with Margot.
For a young actress, she has displayed significant focus and considerable talent.

Q. What, in your opinion, is the overriding message of the play?
A. Carpe Diem.

Q. Any last words?
A. This has been a seminal piece for me as an actress. As an older actress with twenty years behind me, I am not interested in moving backwards. I want to keep challenging myself and this is exactly the kind of role that an older actress would welcome with open arms. Thank you Elspeth for writing such a thoughtful, moving piece and for not being afraid to step out of the box to do so.

This has also been my first time working with Timmia Hearn Feldman and it has been wonderful working with a Director who has the creative intelligence and depth of vision to make the most of a script and the sensitivity to still allow the piece to breathe.
When. Where. What time. Booking Tickets.
The plays run for the next two weekends: Th, F, Sat at 8:00pm and Sun at 6:00pm at Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Belmont. Call 6248502 or email to reserve tickets.  

Make friends with the Angels

 "Make friends with the angels, who though invisible, are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs." 
(Saint Francis de Sales)

Find out more at Kundalini Yoga class tomorrow:
Friday 27 September 2013
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Kariwak, Crown Point, Tobago.
Beginner to advanced level students welcome in the same class. You will be guided. Do what you can and you will have the experience you are meant to have.
Sat nam.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Read the reviews. See our plays.

Please click on image to enlarge/see details

Feedback from two people who saw the plays:
THE PERFECT PLACE - Elspeth Duncan
SAME OL' MAS - Randy Ablack

"Last night was a great treat to see Patti in her latest play, one written by Elspeth and another updated political play. It was a refreshing break from the farces and comedies we see so often and I must say that Elspeth's piece was well executed . For the forty minutes we were taken up and learned so much about the main characters that when the end eventually came and though you may have already guessed the ending, you couldn't believe that forty minutes had passed. The actors were smooth in their characters and played well off of each other. I really have to admire E's writing.

As for the political treatise, those of us who were at Mrs Ali's book launch of The Egg Lady, we were treated to a small taste of The Same Ol Thing. Updated a bit to reflect the current political climate and all very relateable. Paul, your cousin Timmia, did a wonderful job."

(M. C-S-M.)

"What a pleasure to see two plays as authentic as these. Elspeth Duncan's "The Perfect Place" builds from a quiet start and we grow to know the Patti-Anne Ali's and Genie Lemo's characters and by the end we actually cared. Randy Ablack's "Same Ol' Mas" is a brave piece and each person who see's this play will see something a little different, as we discovered when we talked about it afterwards. Well done to the director Timmia E. Hearn Feldman." 

(J. A-N.)

When. Where. What time. Booking Tickets.
The plays run for the next two weekends: Th, F, Sat at 8:00pm and Sun at 6:00pm at Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Belmont. Call 6248502 or email to reserve tickets. 

Click here to go to the TTW's Facebook page for the productions.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The anonymously written play ... which turned out to be mine & is now showing.

Click on image to enlarge

Some years ago I attended a playwriting workshop where I wrote a script called "The Perfect Place". It subsequently went on to win an award, as one of four 'best new plays', selected by NDATT. Years passed and I forgot about this play. The computer I had at the time crashed and, having not backed up, I lost all my files (the one with the play included). More time passed ... until about two months ago—I got a call from Trinidad Theatre Workshop. Director Timmia Hearn Feldman was calling to find out if a play called "The Perfect Place" was mine.

"Yes, it is."

They had found the script while cleaning out their office. It had no name on it, but they managed to trace it back to me. They were very intrigued by it and wanted to produce it for their new theatre season starting in September ...
Click on image to enlarge and read their version of the 'mystery of the anonymously-written play'

So, The Perfect Place is now running at TTW with another play (also written in that workshop)—"Same Ol' Mas" by Randy Ablack. Last night was opening night, but I did not attend. I will fly over from Tobago to see it a few days into its run. I hope those of you who live in TT and are reading this will book your tickets soon and come. An evening I am sure you will be glad you were a part of.

Booking info, dates, play synopses and relevant info below:

Theatre Season 2013 / 2014 at Trinidad Theatre Workshop launches with:

DOUBLES: two new plays for the price of ONE.

Long-time Globe vibes: two features, with a break in between. Except here it's two NEW TRINIDADIAN ONE-ACTS, with a free drink in between.

The Perfect Place by Elspeth Duncan
A chance encounter between a waiter and customer develops and reveals secrets about each, and forces them to face the lies under which they have been living.

Same Ol' Mas by Randy Ablack
Four vagrants living in Woodford Square as long as anyone can remember, claim squatters right.... and get the deed to the Square. The Prime Minister and the other Ministers throw the country into crisis in order to get their Square back.

directed by Timmia Hearn Feldman


September 19, 20, 21, 8pm
September 22, 6pm
September 26,27,28, 8pm
September 29, 6pm
October 3,4,5, 8pm
October 6, 6pm

Tickets: $150.00 and are available at Trinidad Theatre Workshop

Call 624-8502 or email: ... Tickets are going fast

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tobago one-day Painting Retreat with Omesh Cain

My first big and 'real' painting

Of all of the creative disciplines in existence, painting is the one that I never really felt I could "get". Other than basic dabbling, I never really got into it.

Recently I was introduced to visiting artist, Omesh Cain and his partner. I checked out Omesh's website ( and, while reading how he described 'Creativity' and 'Inspiration', something resonated and I felt: "I want to do a workshop with him."

He invited me to come to their home to paint, saying: "You will need to paint for the entire day"—and he would show me various techniques.

To cut a long story short, the painting shown here emerged in about 6 hours or less. I did not think about it or plan what it would be. The first few hours were spent applying layer after layer randomly and without thought to the canvas. At a certain point Omesh told me to look at the painted surface and see whatever was coming out of it. After a while I saw the eye of a horse ... and the rest flowed from there. It was like magic. It was all there already.

I am hooked.

Omesh will be giving a one-day workshop in Tobago in October. From experience, I assure you it is definitely worth attending. Details are below:

Sunningdale 10, Mt. Irvine, Tobago
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 5th October 2013
$800TT per person, including lunch and refreshments.

Bring your own acrylic paints.

60 x 80 cm board provided.

Minimum 3 persons.

$300 down payment required by Friday 27th September 2013

For more details, please contact Omesh at (868) 484-7527.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thank You, Jasper. God Speed.

Jasper: Early 1998 - 3 September 2013

Dearest Jasper,

I've written so many blog posts about you ... but today's one will be short. No words can ever encapsulate who you truly were.

Wonderful Companion, Friend and Treasure Bringer. Thank You for all that you have been to me, my family and my friends who knew you in your time here with us.

I know your Soul is already enjoying its wonderful new adventure.



(Past blog posts including Jasper are here).

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Now at #19 of 63 Restaurants in Tobago

Now in its 7th month, Table for Two Made for You has moved up to #19 of 63 restaurants in Tobago (i.e. those listed on Tripadvisor). Make a booking and discover for yourself what local and traveling dining pairs have been experiencing ... although your experience is guaranteed to be entirely your own.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend Healing Retreat in Tobago (Sept 2013)

Visit this link for more info on the SPIRITS OF NATURE weekend healing retreat in Tobago
21 - 23 September 2013

Kundalini Yoga
Acutonics (Tuning Fork Therapy)
Shamanic Journeying

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SPIRITS OF NATURE Tobago Healing Retreat (September 2013)

Click on flyer jpg to enlarge

Gather in Tobago with kindred souls to experience 24 hours of deep inner and outer connection and transformation through Kundalini Yoga, Acutonics (Healing Fork Therapy) and Shamanic Journeying.  
Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 September 2013
Richmond Great House, Tobago.

Please click on this link for more retreat details and information on the three facilitators:

Elspeth Duncan (Thou Art Yoga) - Kundalini Yoga
Arune Pooransingh (Chrysalis) - Acutonics (Healing Fork Therapy)
Eva Gheorghe (Chrysalis) - Shamanic Journeying

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Star Trekking ... to dine outdoors

Last night ... following the map of stars above (Star Trek)—we trekked to the grassy cliff at the bottom of the land, overlooking the Atlantic. We spread the tarpaulin which has been present at many outdoor group healing meditations and is therefore infused with wonderful energy and memories. 

This was the spontaneous "Table for Two plus One". The image shows the pitch oil lamp standing on the cooler. The wind was low, so the flame of the lamp was not extinguished. The night was dark so the stars were bright, with shooting stars visible. There was even an orange meteorite. The food and drink were simple, with diverse flavours and textures. There was a mix of talking, silence and singing. At some point the lamp flame flickered and died. We left it that way and all lay down looking up at the constellations before saying goodbye to the experience.

Have you had your Table for Two Made for You experience yet?

Monday, June 3, 2013

FINDING YOU: One Day Healing Retreat (Trinidad)

Please click on flyer to enlarge.

KUNDALINI YOGA with Elspeth Duncan (Thou Art Yoga)
ACUTONICS (Tuning Fork Therapy) with Arune Pooransingh

6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
39 - 41 Montano Street, Vistabella, Trinidad

Please visit this link for more information at the website and/or call 381-8359.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Experience a WOW Self Love Retreat in Tobago

Enjoy uninterrupted personal, self-love time ... inclusive of (weather permitting) an outdoor energy healing treatment amidst breezy trees on the cliff overlooking the sea.

To find out more about Thou Art Yoga's W.O.W. Self Love Retreats in Tobago, please visit 

To book, at least one week in advance, please call (868) 381-8359 OR elspeth (at) thouartyoga (dot) com

Special package rate of $2,400TT includes:

2 nights accommodation
* All meals (vegetarian)
* Morning/Evening Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
* Personalised guidance
* 1 Energy Healing Session
* Personal Relaxation & Reflection Time
* Use of pool and private beach

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Just for You" Self Love Weekend Retreat (Tobago)

Please click on image to enlarge and see details.

Choose any weekend ... and it is yours (availability permitting)
Each customised "Just for You" Self Love Weekend Retreat caters for one person at a time. If that person is you, you are dreaming of spending quality personal time in a supportive, relaxing space ... to let go, find answers, be inspired, create new possibilities and meet someone wonderful ... Yourself.

Please click here to visit the site for more info and images.

The Just for You retreat is a product within Thou Art Yoga's W.O.W. (Wonderful One Weekend) retreat series.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seeking loving home for Ramona and Seal

Please click on image to enlarge.

Ramona and Seal are two adorable pups ("Tobago Terriers") who were found near Healing with Horses stables in Buccoo, Tobago. They are now at the Tobago TTSPCA. The friend who originally said she would take them can no longer do so due to unanticipated circumstances.

I would like them to be adopted together as they are sisters and are very close to each other. It would be a shame to separate them.

They are loving, playful, adventurous, curious, healthy, brave, well behaved, good with children and people in general. They will make great companions for their new owner and, I am sure, will be very loyal and protective. 

If you are in Trinidad and you want them & can give them a great home, I will bring them over for you on the ferry.

Thank you.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Table for Two (Tobago): more than just dining

A bridge of cinnamon-masala sweet potato wedges stretches over a ginger-peanut pond. Dip and taste ... dip and taste ... As with everything at Table for Two, it's not just about the food. There's more to each dish than meets the eye. But only those who dine will have the full experience ...

"Like" Table for Two. Made for You on Facebook
Visit the Table for Two. Made for You website for more info and the booking form.

Location: Tobago

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The one and only gift voucher

The Table for Two gift voucher is like no other voucher. Like everything else that comes from Table for Two, it's made FOR You ... and, in fact, BY You.

The Table for Two gift voucher is a small, handmade six-page booklet. All of the pages are blank. The Table for Two logo, my signature (for authenticity) and "redeem by" date are the only printed elements. The rest is up to you. Draw or write whatever you want to make this gift voucher even more personalised and special for the one(s) who are to receive it.

Be sure to take pictures of your TFT voucher before you give it away. The most creative vouchers submitted to TFT may be in for a lovely sur-prize!

The TFT Gift Voucher can be created as a voucher (to give to a couple) ... or as an invitation (e.g. you want to invite someone special to dine with you at Table for Two and would like the invitation to be uniquely made for "them").

To order your TFT Gift Voucher, please email tablefor2tobago (at) gmail (dot) com Please note, purchasing a voucher means you are paying in advance for the TFT experience.

For more information on Table for Two, please visit the website: and/or "Like" the Table for Two. Made for You Facebook page.

Monday, March 11, 2013

In Tobago: Ready to Serve You & Yours

Table for Two. Made for You is ready to be at your service. Read all about this customised experience here at the website
Like Table for Two on Facebook and you could win a free Table for Two experience for you and any special person of your choice.

A number between 1 and 101 has been chosen. The person who likes the Table for Two Facebook page at that number will win. N.B. If you are not in Tobago, the prize doesn't include airfare or ferry fare. 

For transparency, the secret number has been revealed to Veronika Danzer-LaFortune of, who has already enjoyed the Table for Two experience with her special someone.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ramona and Seal

On Wednesday, before teaching children's yoga, I was on the grounds of Healing with Horses. Veronika's house guest appeared holding a small brown and black pup that had been hiding under her cabin. A few minutes later she came back with another one—a black one. Both female, obviously sisters and obviously dumped/abandoned by someone who didn't want them.

Two children who were there to ride horses became fascinated with the pups and began playing with them. The little boy was 'massaging' them and the little girl was stroking them. At one point the boy yelled out: "Ouch!" and the little girl turned to me and whispered: "He just got bitten on his privates."

The little girl named them Ramona (brown and black one) and Seal (black one).

I left Ramona and Seal with the children while I went to teach yoga ... and returned to find the two exhausted pups fast asleep. They slept in a cardboard box all the way home and for a few hours into the night. I was babysitting them overnight, to take them to TTSPCA the next day, for treatment for worms, etc and also to be put up for adoption.

It is difficult to part with animals. They imprint themselves on the heart so quickly.

Just before leaving for the TTSPCA the next day, I was outside eating a piece of watermelon. I gave a piece to Seal and she ignored it. Ramona took it and went inside with it where she quietly consumed in near to the cardboard box. She then came back outside to see what else was on the agenda.

I began to run around the pool and the two of them took after me, running, ears flapping, but not able to catch up. Eventually Seal stopped, realising that if she stayed where she was, eventually I would come back around to her. Ramona, seeing me on the other side of the pool, thought it would be a shorter route if she cut across the width of the pool, as opposed to going around it. I heard a loud splash, and there she was with her terrified little face, paddling rapidly towards me.

Here she is, wet and bedraggled, wrapped in a hand towel after her swimming adventure.

They are currently at the TTSPCA, being treated. As each day passes, they continue to run through my mind, calling out to me: "Please adopt us ..."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Table for Two #2

A comment from one of last night's Table for Two guests:
"A space where both of us connected new. A meal straight from the heart. A very soothing atmosphere created with love—made with Love. I loved the spices in the food and drinks. Thank you for the spicy experience!" (V. L-F)

Last night's Table for Two was magical and delicious and lived up to its nature of "alternative dining experience". I was too immersed in preparing food, serving, washing up and ensuring that my two guests/customers were happy, that I didn't take time to take photos. Maybe it's better to leave it as 'what goes on there stays there' and those who are curious will have to come and see/taste/experience for themselves.

Makes sense. Each couple is different, so each experience will be different. After all, it is "made for you". Exactly what this means, you will have to find out for yourself when you book your special table.

Table for Two can be for any two people—lovers, spouses, friends, family, business partners ... any combo you can think of.

Come with an open mind and an empty stomach and prepare to be treated to exactly what you need in that moment.

I also advise you to bring a shawl or (as suggested last night by my guests) I can provide blankets. It is cosy outside at the table, flanked by trees, with the sea roaring in the distance ... but it can also get quite chilly with the Atlantic Breeze. Two cozy blankets are a good idea.

To book your Table for Two (Tobago), please call me at (868) 381-8359. Any night except Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Brave Enough.

On Sunday I went out with two friends, one of whom has a son, J, about 8 years old. He is one of the children in my Wednesday evening Yoga sessions for children.

We spent a few hours at our location—what used to be Arnos Vale Waterwheel Restaurant but is now a deserted property ... a beautiful, deserted property, might I add. So much potential.

Even though quiet and desolate, the property still felt like it had life in it ... and I don't mean the trees and the hundreds of bats now occupying the various rooms.  It was almost like being in a movie and seeing faint impressions of diners and socialites milling around, laughing, drinking, eating, listening or dancing to the live band on the now what-must-be-rotten stage across the little river from the old restaurant. 

In the kitchen, a light was still on. In one of the rooms, water was streaming from the tap, which we were unable to turn off because it seemed to be rusted in an open position.

There was a little sunny stone circle in the midst of the property, under some trees. "Perfect for yoga!" I said. My two companions (who are in my adult yoga class) agreed. J then led us through a yoga session, a children's version. I was impressed. Despite the noise and apparent distraction they sometimes exhibit in our yoga sessions, they are still listening and taking it all in.

While on our outing, I spent most of my time in J's company and noticed a phrase he kept repeating. At one point, he and I were looking for a path through some bush to get down to the small river. He said: "I'm brave enough to go here!" and charged ahead, almost like a knight on a horse brandishing a sword in the air.

At another point, we noticed a track that was leading up through some bush to an area out of our sight. He said: "I'm brave enough to go up here! Who's coming?" Of course I was right behind him, admiring his simple but powerful mantra:

"I'm brave enough!"

What are you brave enough to do today ... or any day?

Monday, February 18, 2013

In Tobago: An alternative Dining Experience

Click to enlarge image
Made for you

More than simply “dining”, Table for Two is a multi-layered creative and culinary experience for just you and your companion.  Savour a world of surprises at your dinner table—inclusive of unique vegetarian cuisine created for you and simple, inspired works of art created by you. 
Natural surroundings. Magical ambience.  Delicious memories.
Location: Tobago
Open every evening except Wednesday & Friday
Reservations: Call your chef/hostess, Elspeth, at (868) 381-8359
Please book at least 2 days in advance.
Short notice reservations will be accepted, availability permitting.
From the Table for Two guest book:
“This was a truly wonderful experience. The food was delicious and the ambience surpassed my expectations. Thank you, Elspeth, for this truly unique and enjoyable evening.” (Araceli M, Trinidad)
“The ambience was awesome. I loved hearing the sea in the background. The meals were not only healthy, but tasty. The activities were creative and allowed room for self-expression. Merci beaucoup, Chef E!!!” (Rachelle R., Trinidad)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Tobago: Yoga for children brings us peace

Given their excessive level of energy and noise-making, when I first started doing yoga sessions (The Art of You) with the children in Buccoo, the greatest challenge for them was to sit still and keep quiet (meditate) for even one minute. 

This has changed over time (four months). In our last two or three sessions, the noisiest and most disruptive of the lot has actually been begging for moments of silence. Wednesday gone, toward the end of the class, they remained completely still, eyes closed, lying on their backs on their mats on the grass for about 3 minutes. I was impressed ...

Please visit our indiegogo campaign to see how you can support continued Art of You sessions:

Friday, February 15, 2013

In Tobago: An alternative dining experience

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Made for you. 
More than simply “dining”, Table for Two is a multi-layered creative and culinary experience for just you and your companion.  Savour a world of surprises at your dinner table—inclusive of unique vegetarian cuisine created for you and simple, inspired works of art created by you. 
Natural surroundings. Magical ambience.  Delicious memories.
$100US ($630TT)
Location: Tobago
Open every evening except Wednesday & Friday
Reservations: Call your chef/hostess, Elspeth, at (868) 381-8359
Please book at least 2 days in advance.
Short notice reservations will be accepted, availability permitting.
From the Table for Two guest book:
“This was a truly wonderful experience. The food was delicious and the ambience surpassed my expectations. Thank you, Elspeth, for this truly unique and enjoyable evening.” (Araceli M, Trinidad)
“The ambience was awesome. I loved hearing the sea in the background. The meals were not only healthy, but tasty. The activities were creative and allowed room for self-expression. Merci beaucoup, Chef E!!!” (Rachelle R., Trinidad)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Tobago: Valentine's Day Yoga House Call

There was a time when I wrote on this blog at least once daily. In the past year blogging has been sporadic and, at times, dormant. But recently I 'ketch a vapse' and decided to return to the blogosphere, especially as I am now living in Tobago and there are so many simple but meaningful things happening within and around me.

Today was off to an interesting start. I blogged about it on Thou Art Yoga's blog (here is the post about the house-call yoga session).

It was a lovely experience. I look forward to more.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Now that the season is becoming more dry, leaves are constantly blowing in, especially with the strong winds from the Atlantic. As quickly as leaves are swept up, they return.

Yesterday I noticed a leaf in the corner of my room near the sliding door, but I didn't pay it much attention. I saw it again today ... but something made me do a double take and I realised it was not a leaf. It was a green and browny-orange hummingbird—just like the kind that often flies into my apartment, hovers near me and flits back out again.

Twice I had heard strange noises coming from my room and, upon investigation, saw a green and browny-orange hummingbird beating against the glass window. Both times it allowed me to hold it for long enough to open the window and set it free. It was both a fantastic feeling and an honour to hold a bird that is so fast, fragile and fleeing.

Now as I held the dead body, I wondered if it was my little friend—the same bird that always came. Just that this time I had not been around to open the window for it and it had scared or beaten itself to death against the glass. Its eyes were open and strangely enough, its body was still warm and supple. Normally birds get stiff and coldish when they die. What I also found interesting was that it had obviously been on the floor for a while, but no ants had yet started to consume its body.

The funeral was small ... me and 12 year old N, who dug a hole with a small shovel. I placed two mango leaves cross-crossed on the bird's body, then we topped the hole back with soil and decorated the grave with two orange flowers, a bunch of white bougainvilla and an almost-heartshaped white pebble.

About half an hour later as I sat on the floor near the door with my laptop, I noticed something out of the side of my eye. I looked up and saw a hummingbird just like the one we had buried, flitting nearby amidst the leaves of the mango tree. Only now as I write this am I noting the coincidence ... of the mango leaves placed on the dead bird's body.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mot Mot Mates & Moments

Image of Mot Mot from this source

This morning I took my yoga mat and walked further down on the land where there is a trail leading between the trees near the sea. I placed the mat under a shady section and lay down. Looking up, I saw a mot mot perched on a branch, looking down at me. I've noticed that mot mots sit still for very long periods, unlike other birds.

In its calm demeanour I sensed inner confidence, and a solidity of knowing that it didn't have to rush around in life. Content to sit there for as long as it took to enjoy the breeze ... because life was taken care of. The longer I stared at it, I felt it say—be still, be patient, be silent.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up. At first I thought I was in my room and that it was early morning. Then I opened my eyes and realized that I was still under the tree, with the mot mot still looking at me from its perch, like a Guardian. It felt like hours later. Had I been asleep that long? Had the bird been sitting there that long?

Moments later a small hummingbird hovered above me and also perched on a branch above my mat. It stayed still surprisingly long for a hummingbird ... then something moved and both the hummingbird and mot mot flew from their branches. The mot mot, which now had a yellow leaf in its beak, flew to another branch and released the leaf, which spiraled to the ground.

As I raised my body to sitting position, the mot mot flew to another branch, to my right. It was quickly joined by another mot mot which sat next to it. Perfectly still, both of them, looking in front of them, content.

I got up to walk back up to the house and they stayed on their perch until I was feet away. Then they flew off together.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please help sponsor yoga for at-risk children

(Photography: Bernhard Rossmann)

Please click here to read about the indiegogo campaign I'm running for the children who do outdoor yoga with me every Wednesday afternoon (see above photo slideshow).  Our sessions are called "The Art Of You".

Many of these youngsters are severely attention deprived and/or exposed to verbal, emotional and physical abuse at home. “The Art of You” yoga sessions are a safe space for them to have fun, feel loved and enjoy healthy interaction on all levels.

Please share this link with others. Every contribution adds up.

Thank you in advance.