Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What does your inbox say about you?

I've been going to sleep later than normal and I've been spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Why?

Rather than pick up the phone and call (i.e. those in the same country), people communicate via email a lot. I check often, to ensure that I don't miss anything important. But then again . . . what IS important as far as emails go? I've already deleted some or categorised them in folders (to lessen the visual overwhelm), but let's take a look and see what's left in my inbox . . . from the first email going down.
1. The Daily Love
2. Email from client for whom I will offer yoga classes
3. Invitation to connect with someone on LinkedIn
4. Email from friend in Toronto ordering photos.
5. Email from another friend in Toronto ordering photos.
6. Message reminding me to connect with someone on LinkedIn
7. Message re a reading session a few of us are doing for primary school children tomorrow
8. Email to myself reminding me to send a message to my yoga students after today's class
9. From someone for whom another artist and I wrote about our video work, for a book she is publishing
10. Yoga music sent by a friend
11. Yoga music sent by a friend
12. Message from editor re a currently-being-produced anthology containing short stories written by me and others I was in a writing workshop with in 2008
13. Message re colouring book being produced
14. Message re reading for the school children
15. Summary of meeting held re reading for the children
16. From Guru Meher re revised schedule for 2nd intensive week of teacher training (next week)
17. From client re graphic job I did recently

. . . and so it goes. 

As I was writing this, a new email from a friend came in above The Daily Love. The subject heading is "With Love".

Nice to have that at the top of the list.

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