Monday, January 23, 2012

Update: ... until February 14th, 2012

Dear All,

Concerning the Transforming Steps project and the call for funds to aid three of the dancers in getting to London to perform ...

Interest has been expressed in donating, but some are uncomfortable using their credit cards online. I understand. Therefore, I will accept donations from those wanting to give on behalf of the dancers, and will pay the lumpsum with my card. I am setting a symbolic lumpsum deadline of FEBRUARY 14th, 2012 to receive whatever you, if inspired, are able/willing to give.

Having personally met & worked with these brave & inspiring young women, I vouch for their potential and know that this will be life-changing not only for them, but for many others. The required amount of $5,000US (roughly $30,000TT) adds up easily when (working with multiples of ten to keep the maths simple):

1,000 people/organisations donate $30TT each
100 people/organisations donate $300TT each
10 people/organisations donate $3,000TT each
1 person/organisation donates $30,000TT
Or 300 people donate $100 each, etc ...
Thank you.


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