Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Table for Two #2

A comment from one of last night's Table for Two guests:
"A space where both of us connected new. A meal straight from the heart. A very soothing atmosphere created with love—made with Love. I loved the spices in the food and drinks. Thank you for the spicy experience!" (V. L-F)

Last night's Table for Two was magical and delicious and lived up to its nature of "alternative dining experience". I was too immersed in preparing food, serving, washing up and ensuring that my two guests/customers were happy, that I didn't take time to take photos. Maybe it's better to leave it as 'what goes on there stays there' and those who are curious will have to come and see/taste/experience for themselves.

Makes sense. Each couple is different, so each experience will be different. After all, it is "made for you". Exactly what this means, you will have to find out for yourself when you book your special table.

Table for Two can be for any two people—lovers, spouses, friends, family, business partners ... any combo you can think of.

Come with an open mind and an empty stomach and prepare to be treated to exactly what you need in that moment.

I also advise you to bring a shawl or (as suggested last night by my guests) I can provide blankets. It is cosy outside at the table, flanked by trees, with the sea roaring in the distance ... but it can also get quite chilly with the Atlantic Breeze. Two cozy blankets are a good idea.

To book your Table for Two (Tobago), please call me at (868) 381-8359. Any night except Wednesday and Friday.

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