Friday, March 1, 2013

Ramona and Seal

On Wednesday, before teaching children's yoga, I was on the grounds of Healing with Horses. Veronika's house guest appeared holding a small brown and black pup that had been hiding under her cabin. A few minutes later she came back with another one—a black one. Both female, obviously sisters and obviously dumped/abandoned by someone who didn't want them.

Two children who were there to ride horses became fascinated with the pups and began playing with them. The little boy was 'massaging' them and the little girl was stroking them. At one point the boy yelled out: "Ouch!" and the little girl turned to me and whispered: "He just got bitten on his privates."

The little girl named them Ramona (brown and black one) and Seal (black one).

I left Ramona and Seal with the children while I went to teach yoga ... and returned to find the two exhausted pups fast asleep. They slept in a cardboard box all the way home and for a few hours into the night. I was babysitting them overnight, to take them to TTSPCA the next day, for treatment for worms, etc and also to be put up for adoption.

It is difficult to part with animals. They imprint themselves on the heart so quickly.

Just before leaving for the TTSPCA the next day, I was outside eating a piece of watermelon. I gave a piece to Seal and she ignored it. Ramona took it and went inside with it where she quietly consumed in near to the cardboard box. She then came back outside to see what else was on the agenda.

I began to run around the pool and the two of them took after me, running, ears flapping, but not able to catch up. Eventually Seal stopped, realising that if she stayed where she was, eventually I would come back around to her. Ramona, seeing me on the other side of the pool, thought it would be a shorter route if she cut across the width of the pool, as opposed to going around it. I heard a loud splash, and there she was with her terrified little face, paddling rapidly towards me.

Here she is, wet and bedraggled, wrapped in a hand towel after her swimming adventure.

They are currently at the TTSPCA, being treated. As each day passes, they continue to run through my mind, calling out to me: "Please adopt us ..."

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