Saturday, April 17, 2010

Winning streak

A few days ago I won the By-My-Art t-shirt competition. And today, the Prep's Garden video (featured above) which I shot late last year won the TV/video category of the IICA/CARDI Excellence in Agricultural Journalism Award 2009.

As I sat in the prize giving ceremony today, waiting to hear the results, I thought of how great it would be to win ... not just for winning's sake, but because I know the children, their parents, their teachers and the entire school were so excited and pleased when I did the video ... and would be thrilled if it won.

Looking forward to going to the school (my old primary school - The University School) and surprising them on Monday morning at assembly, by announcing the victory.

Splitting the prize money will be the cherry on top.


The Trinigourmet said...

UWI PREP YAY!!!!! *happy tears* :D

Will link/blog about this :)

Lynn Cohen said...

Huge Congratulations on a double win!
I LOVE the video. The children are so beautiful and the garden is wonderful.
Such fertile earth you have there.
So well done.
I will send this link to my cousin who is a recently retired Kindergarden teacher who always had a huge garden for her class!

Elspeth said...

Thanks, Lynn and TGM