Saturday, June 6, 2009

It makes me cry too

Some people who took the Sacred Journey at Mystic Intervention told me that they cried while or after doing it. One person (who had really taken his time moving slowly along the pathway), sat and had a long conversation with me after he did it, telling me in detail what he had felt and experienced. I really appreciated this. I love when people open up and say how they feel and what they've experienced on deeper levels. Sharing the places inside of each other that we don't see with the naked eye.

Only when he got to the end did he hurriedly mumble "and it made me cry too."

Now that it's all over and I have the labyrinth at home for myself, I 'walk' it by candlelight every morning after I do yoga.

The first time, I used the middle finger of my non-dominant (left) hand. The next time and thereafter, I used the ring finger of my left hand. Using the ring finger makes me feel committed to the journey, to all that is unfolding and to myself. In the language of mudras, it symbolizes Uranus, the Sun, Surya mudra - energy, health and intuition.

The last few times that I've 'walked' this clay labyrinth, I too have burst into tears. The first time was during the day. I was feeling scattered and I decided to 'centre myself' via the labyrinth. At one point along the twisting path, an unexpected burst of tears flew out from my guts. I felt it coming from my solar plexus. As soon as they flew out, I felt extremely relieved and thankful. It was a moment of surrender and of having no control whatsoever, yet knowing that all is well and that I am in good hands.

The tears diminished but lasted until I got to the centre (N.B. the rose quartz is no longer at the centre, so the centre is now a cosy, ridged, horse-shoe-shaped space). As I felt my finger slip into that comforting central embrace, all I could say was 'Thank You' over and over - really feeling it and meaning it. I felt grateful for the release I had experienced on the way there, grateful for the labyrinth itself and for 'Everything' ... even things I don't know yet.

This morning I 'walked' the lab with my eyes closed in the dark, sitting on my new pink yoga mat. As I got to the welcoming centre and my finger fitted in perfectly, the unexpected burst of tears erupted. They were accompanied by that same feeling of immense gratitude. The feeling of my finger fitting perfectly into the horse-shoe shaped embrace made me feel welcome ... the feeling of 'fitting in' ... fitting perfectly into something or somewhere and feeling great comfort and gratitude for it. It's not about an external place and it's not about external people - as much as we may like it to be so. It is about fitting perfectly into ourselves, whoever, whatever and however we are.


candaceameni said...

The experience really is a very moving one. The realisation comes to you, i guess, when u not really expecting it. I would love like u to have it at anytime i need it but seeing as i don't have one I'll have to find another way. Calm true calm and peace with yourself is a difficult thing to find these days.

Lynn Cohen said...

I wonder how this works...that so many have the same experience with it?


It is indeed a magical experience you had.

I'm very much moved by your experience though it is just a small step. Move on! You are a great soul.