Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loving the rain

I took this shot last year when I was film facilitator at the youth camp in Grande Riviere
I am alive today with the grey skies, cooler weather and rain! Some people thrive on heat and sun, but for me the last few days have been so parched and scorching, almost unbearable. I felt sluggish and unable/unwilling to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I'm more of a cool weather girl.

Melanie the Miraculous Yoga Melon must be feeling quite like I am today. I transplanted her yesterday because she was rapidly outgrowing her pot. She is now in the earth with the other melons. When it's dry, they wither terribly and look as if they're beyond rescuing. But soon after I water them, they spring back up. Very responsive to water (no wonder they're watermelons) ... so I know they too are loving the rain.

I'll end off with today's soundtrack. A fantastic acoustic rendition by Annie and Dave ...

1 comment:

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh look I can write a comment and continue listening to the music!
I too love rain. We have far too little of it this year.
I'm glad you are able to rescue the melon and help it thrive!
Take care and do not wilt!
Flower that you are!!!