Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on the baby bird

Yesterday the baby bird spent the whole day perched on a branch hidden within the pine tree. This particular pine tree is a Podocarpus. When we were growing up we didn't have plastic Christmas trees. We always had a large cutting of a Podocarpus. So in a way, you could say that this little baby bird spent her day like a fragile decoration, hanging around on the Christmas tree.

I'll call her "Pod", short for Podocarpus.

Every now and then Pod's parents flew into the tree to bring her food ... and gently diverted any other birds who seemed to be flying too close to the pine.

Mr. J wasn't too happy about spending all day and all night indoors. Early this morning around four, he cried to be let out, so I opened the window for him, not really worrying about him finding Pod.

This morning when I went to check on her she was still there on her branch, wide awake, looking strong. I noticed that already her feathers seem to be growing. She's more blue in colour today. Her parents were on the power lines above me, looking down protectively.

Jasper was with me out on the driveway and I brought him in. For the next few days until Pod gets stronger and starts flying, I'll be keeping my eye on him. I don't mind him bringing me gifts since that's his nature ... but as much as I can help it, he won't be getting his claws on this little one.

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