Sunday, November 30, 2014

I HEAR YOU (video)

Please read the below explanation before viewing video:

Earlier this year I recorded 15 random people voicing what they felt the woman in the "I Hear You" painting was saying to them. I then burned these tracks to a CD.

Viewers at my FIRERHORSE interactive exhibit (Watermill, Tobago, 29 November 2014) were invited to sit before her one by one, wearing headphones, choose a random number and listen to that one track out of the 15—the experience being that the woman in the painting was talking to them.

This interactive installation was set up in an old watermill (stone tower in photo below)—an intimate space—just you and her and "her voice"/message for you. This video shows the top of the sugar mill, looking up at the moving clouds. The voice I used as the soundtrack is track #2 of 15 (Voice of Marion Robley). At the end, the painting which was the inspiration behind the recorded expressions briefly appears.
 The watermill in which the "I Hear You" 'audio painting' was located.