Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get your Sendsationals caledars at Hilton Christmas Bazaar today! 28-12-2012

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Great opportunity to stock up on your Sendsational Gift Calendars! Today Sendsationals will be at the Grand Christmas Bazaar —Sunday October 28, 2012 at the Trinidad Hilton. 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How do YOU feel when you receive personal snail mail? asked several people: "How do you feel when you open the mailbox and find personal mail from a loved one (i.e. not bill, bank statement or flyer, etc)?"

Here are a few of their answers:
1.  I feel anxious and excited. (Hebe, Holland)
2. When I get a letter delivered by a postman, it sends me back to my teenage years of penpal-ing and then as now, I experience almost childlike joy and excitement when I hold a letter in my hands.  And if that letter is sporting foreign stamps? Have mercy! Is like Christmas.  Love love love getting mail in the post.  Just love it. (Philogene, Trinidad)
3.  I’m always happy to see personal mail from a loved one. (Rose, England)
4. I feel growing excitement and a little thud of the heart as I am about to open the mail. (Rachelle, Trinidad)
5. I love personal snail mail so much, even though it never comes I look for it everyday. (Keisha, USA)
6.   I feel uplifted, after reading it I usually like to reply one time... love writing cards & letters... (Veronika, Tobago)
7. Feel moved. Moment to savour. (Carolyn, Canada)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Art of You

Every Wednesday in Buccoo, Tobago, special needs children connected to Healing with Horses Foundation and Yahweh Foundation join Thou Art Yoga for "The Art of You"—fun yoga and art sessions on the cliff at sunset. Sessions run for an hour, with an extra half hour set aside for clearing up and washing yoga mats.

 Yesterday an intimate group of children from Yahweh Foundation joined us for the 2nd 'Art of You' session. We had lots of fun ... yoga (individually and in pairs), drumming on buckets and a few minutes of shouting "I AAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!" as loudly as we could across the ocean from the cliff, to let people know how great we are. 

Thanks to Veronika of Healing with Horses for the pics, which can be viewed on Thou Art Yoga's Facebook page:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ideal gift for friends, family, clients, colleagues and guests

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Even the person who "has everything" doesn't have this ... yet.

Please click here to go to the website and place your order.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peace for a Change.

On the night of the 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change concert organised by Rachael N. Collymore and Navid Lancaster, I did an opening 'performance' by teaching the audience One Minute Breath, then sang of my songs. 
 Marsha Pearce, using her photographic and graphic skills, put together two simple but effective images (see below) including lyrics from my song and guidance on how to practise One Minute Breath. I quite like what she did.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing Sendsationals Calendars

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This year my two sisters and I pooled our talents to create the 2013 calendar featured here.  This innovative, interactive date-keeper is made up of twelve detachable postcards, featuring images that merge the simple magic of nature with uplifting words. With this calendar you experience the treasure and pleasure of sending and receiving snail mail. Detach an image/postcard at the end of every month and send it to a loved one. Who doesn't like to get an exciting surprise in their mail box?
 (Back of calendar)

Please visit our website,, for more information and to purchase your copies. Order online from the comfort of home, wherever you are in the world, and your order will be shipped to you. Free delivery for orders of up to 4 copies within Trinidad and Tobago.

ALSO: Like the "Sendsationals Calendars" Facebook page and we'll keep you posted!