Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Daisy Chain audio now at Reverbnation

One day recently a friend's mother phoned me to say she was reading Daisy Chain and had reached the character JASMINE JUPITER. She began to read a part of it which she found particularly lovely. As she read and I heard the natural appreciation in her voice, I thought I would like to record her reading it ... and that idea stretched into getting different women to read an excerpt from whichever character in the novel they liked most.

I've recorded two women reading so far. These mp3 excerpts are available on the Daisy Chain Novel Reverbnation site (, embedded below. Listen and enjoy  ... and stay tuned for more readers to come.

Click here to purchase Daisy Chain at in print or Kindle/e-book format.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Your suggestions are welcome

THOU ART YOGA INVITES SUGGESTIONS for what and where you would like our yoga class to be on Friday 21 September—UN International Day of Peace. Even if you are not a Thou Art Yoga student you can still make a suggestion ... but if your idea is chosen, we would like you to be there to take part in it (unless you are from abroad, in which case you can be with us in Spirit and/or join us by carrying out your suggestion wherever you are).

Be as creative and innovative in your suggestions as you want to be, keeping it simple and effective. You can suggest something as small and simple as having a regular class with a particular peace theme, giving each other peace gifts, etc ... or as big (yet still simple) as something that reaches (and includes) the entire nation, region and/or globe.

We can have it in our studio or somewhere outdoors. The possibilities are infinite. As long as it promotes peace.

The idea that appeals to most and is most practical in terms of getting it done in the given time frame will be selected. If workable, a few suggestions may be combined.

Suggestions accepted all of this week until Friday 17th September.

Read here about International Day of Peace

Thursday, September 6, 2012

One of Thou Art Yoga's online students shares his experience


I believe I have done it for a period of six weeks or so. May be more.

I like the convenience of doing it from the comfort my own home. I don’t have to dress, drive, etc. I simply turn on the computer and yoga is at my avail. Right now I am not too well and having Skype yoga affords me the opportunity to still be a part of my classes and to connect with my yoga family. It is also convenient when traveling because you can do it from any location.

I choose to do it the porch. I like that it is open air. I can also observe the evening as it changes with my mood during the yoga. What I have realized though is that because I can move my laptop anywhere I can do it from any room I choose on that particular day. Sometimes changing rooms help my yoga mood as well.

Originally when I started online yoga I thought I would miss the interpersonal connection. What I have come to realize is that it is still there. I can see everyone. We can chat before, during and after the class. We are still able to connect.

The instructor is also able to clearly explain and demonstrate kriyas etc online. She also observes us and can give guidance accordingly just like in studio.

(a) you must ensure that you have a Skype account and that your version is up to date.
(b) Webcam is also a necessity.
(c) Join Thou Art Yoga group by sending request.
(d) On day of class log on at least 15 mins before to ensure all tech is working properly.
(e) You will receive the call from the instructor.
(f) Accept call, turn of your microphone so there is no feedback and then follow instructor’s guide.
(g) You will see all class members on screen.
(h) Audio is usually very clear once connection is strong.
(i) You also have the option of typing messages.
(j) Once class is done, you end call.

I have enjoyed all online yoga classes thus far. 99% of the time the connection was good. I still feel that intense energy, especially after the class. It’s just as invigorating as in studio.

It is worth it, especially when you think things are difficult and you don’t have the time to devote to going to studio. Studio or Skype, yoga class always feel like it is especially for me.

Click here to see how to join us for Thou Art Yoga's Kundalini Yoga classes via Skype.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Join Thou Art Yoga's free September Skype yoga classes

Join us for free Thou Art Yoga Skype classes every Tuesday evening from 6 - 7 p.m. for the month of September.

This will give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of online classes as Thou Art Yoga gears
up for an exciting Skype yoga series starting in October.

Thanks to Skype, you can join us whether you are in TT or abroad. Varying time zones are a consideration ... but yoga is about flexibility, and we will find ways to make this work for all.

Due to only ten available video slots on Skype video conference calls, preference will be given (for the free classes) to those who have not yet done one with us. However once free space is available, anyone can participate on a first come first serve basis.

To be included, please send your name and Skype name to me (email link in side bar) or as a comment on Thou Art Yoga's Facebook page (in messages or as a comment). A Skype invitation will then be sent to you.
Please make sure that:
1. You have a webcam on your computer or camera on your laptop
2. You have an up to date version of Skype

Thanks to those who took part yesterday. Despite one or two technological glitches which were beyond our control, everything went smoothly and, based on feedback, a wonderful experience was had by all. The real connection between us is Divine Energy. It is true, powerful and infinite, unlike the technological connection. So, internet glitches or not, we're still in the flow together.

Sat nam.