Friday, June 12, 2009

Head and Heart

I almost didn't feature this shot because it may appear 'gruesome' to some. So if you see the image and decide you don't want to read on, then don't.


This is Jasper's latest gift (this morning on the mat at the foot of the stairs). Powerful symbolism into which each person can/will/might read their own message(s).

It's rare that Jasper would eat the body of his prey (he normally doesn't even kill). What struck me about this particular catch (baby dove) is the parts of the body that he left: the Head and the Heart.

After my initial "Jasper!" ... I found myself marveling at the beauty of the small Heart in its visual perfection. So well preserved that I wouldn't have been surprised if it was still beating.

Artfully exposed ... the work of a masterful surgeon. What is the likelihood of a cat in hunting mode eating a bird in the dark and so cleanly and clearly leaving its delicate little source of life?

And the Head ... dark with dried saliva, but still somehow peaceful.

Head and Heart. Sometimes they 'battle' each other ... but one usually wins. (Guess which).

Wings ... He also left wings. Everything else was gone.

I buried the head, heart and wing in the upturned U shape of the horseshoe in the little garden in front of my bedroom window. In the image below, it's in the spot where these flowers once grew.


Elspeth said...

And now that I've posted this, I'm thinking ... wait ... is that the stomach?

Anonymous said...

No...that should be the gizzard.....
Aw jasper...... but I like where you buried it...



Jasper must read some moral books. Creatures shouldn't kill for fun.

There is a striking contrast between first and second photograph.