Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Tobago: Yoga for children brings us peace

Given their excessive level of energy and noise-making, when I first started doing yoga sessions (The Art of You) with the children in Buccoo, the greatest challenge for them was to sit still and keep quiet (meditate) for even one minute. 

This has changed over time (four months). In our last two or three sessions, the noisiest and most disruptive of the lot has actually been begging for moments of silence. Wednesday gone, toward the end of the class, they remained completely still, eyes closed, lying on their backs on their mats on the grass for about 3 minutes. I was impressed ...

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1 comment:

Lynn Cohen said...

This is precious! That child 's glee a delight to see ... And the words, "Wednesday gone ..." Beautiful to my ears , never heard before ... Poetic!