Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Feedback from two people who saw the plays:
THE PERFECT PLACE - Elspeth Duncan
SAME OL' MAS - Randy Ablack

"Last night was a great treat to see Patti in her latest play, one written by Elspeth and another updated political play. It was a refreshing break from the farces and comedies we see so often and I must say that Elspeth's piece was well executed . For the forty minutes we were taken up and learned so much about the main characters that when the end eventually came and though you may have already guessed the ending, you couldn't believe that forty minutes had passed. The actors were smooth in their characters and played well off of each other. I really have to admire E's writing.

As for the political treatise, those of us who were at Mrs Ali's book launch of The Egg Lady, we were treated to a small taste of The Same Ol Thing. Updated a bit to reflect the current political climate and all very relateable. Paul, your cousin Timmia, did a wonderful job."

(M. C-S-M.)

"What a pleasure to see two plays as authentic as these. Elspeth Duncan's "The Perfect Place" builds from a quiet start and we grow to know the Patti-Anne Ali's and Genie Lemo's characters and by the end we actually cared. Randy Ablack's "Same Ol' Mas" is a brave piece and each person who see's this play will see something a little different, as we discovered when we talked about it afterwards. Well done to the director Timmia E. Hearn Feldman." 

(J. A-N.)

When. Where. What time. Booking Tickets.
The plays run for the next two weekends: Th, F, Sat at 8:00pm and Sun at 6:00pm at Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Belmont. Call 6248502 or email trinidadtheatre@gmail.com to reserve tickets. 

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