Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How do YOU feel when you receive personal snail mail?

www.sendsationals.com asked several people: "How do you feel when you open the mailbox and find personal mail from a loved one (i.e. not bill, bank statement or flyer, etc)?"

Here are a few of their answers:
1.  I feel anxious and excited. (Hebe, Holland)
2. When I get a letter delivered by a postman, it sends me back to my teenage years of penpal-ing and then as now, I experience almost childlike joy and excitement when I hold a letter in my hands.  And if that letter is sporting foreign stamps? Have mercy! Is like Christmas.  Love love love getting mail in the post.  Just love it. (Philogene, Trinidad)
3.  I’m always happy to see personal mail from a loved one. (Rose, England)
4. I feel growing excitement and a little thud of the heart as I am about to open the mail. (Rachelle, Trinidad)
5. I love personal snail mail so much, even though it never comes I look for it everyday. (Keisha, USA)
6.   I feel uplifted, after reading it I usually like to reply one time... love writing cards & letters... (Veronika, Tobago)
7. Feel moved. Moment to savour. (Carolyn, Canada)

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