Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The one and only gift voucher

The Table for Two gift voucher is like no other voucher. Like everything else that comes from Table for Two, it's made FOR You ... and, in fact, BY You.

The Table for Two gift voucher is a small, handmade six-page booklet. All of the pages are blank. The Table for Two logo, my signature (for authenticity) and "redeem by" date are the only printed elements. The rest is up to you. Draw or write whatever you want to make this gift voucher even more personalised and special for the one(s) who are to receive it.

Be sure to take pictures of your TFT voucher before you give it away. The most creative vouchers submitted to TFT may be in for a lovely sur-prize!

The TFT Gift Voucher can be created as a voucher (to give to a couple) ... or as an invitation (e.g. you want to invite someone special to dine with you at Table for Two and would like the invitation to be uniquely made for "them").

To order your TFT Gift Voucher, please email tablefor2tobago (at) gmail (dot) com Please note, purchasing a voucher means you are paying in advance for the TFT experience.

For more information on Table for Two, please visit the website: and/or "Like" the Table for Two. Made for You Facebook page.

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