Saturday, October 19, 2013

Talk with your Body

As of today I am going to consciously talk/communicate with my body and its various parts (inner and outer).

We call people on the phone, we email them, we talk with them in person, etc.—and through talking we get to know each other, what we like/don't like, want/don't want, etc. It makes sense that we would do this with our body parts.

Talking to the body, letting it know that we are inviting it to do something ... or asking it what it wants us to know ... asking it what a certain sensation means ... asking it to show via cravings what it would like to receive (food wise or otherwise) ... thanking it, all the parts, for functioning well and even inviting them to function better where necessary ... and so on. Developing a conversation with the Body. Making it a friend and companion, because it is the one physical form that will always be with us in this life time. We might as well make friends with it, as much as we can.

Even before going to sleep ... talk to the Body. Ask it how its day was, what it liked, what it didn't like, how it felt, etc. Ask things like: "Is there anything special you would like me to do for you tomorrow?" ... and so on.

As I sit here writing this, drinking Yogi Tea, I stopped for a while and paid attention to the tingling in my throat and chest (from the spices). I felt it going down the passage ... and I said to my Body: "I invite you to absorb all of the nutrient benefits of this tea as I drink it." (Taking another sip): "Thank you for listening to me and responding so quickly for our benefit."

This then leads me to think ... we need to be so aware of what we tell ourselves. Our bodies are listening and responding.


Shubhajit Chakraborty said...
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shubhajit said...

Interesting. every body part is no doubt a conscious entity, but it is so difficult to separate ourselves from the body parts because our overall consciousness or to say I or ego is to difficult to understand.

I will definitely try to be aware in that fashion.

- Shubhajit

Lynn Cohen said...

So true, so true!!! I like having the thought of making this more conscious than it already is for me. I also need to ask for it's forgiveness, when I seem the last few nights to not be able to stop sending peanuts down that shoot. Not that the peanuts are bad for me, but it's past the time for eating, too close to bedtime, I won't digest them well that late at night. I need a stop sign on my mouth that pops up and says "ENOUGH LYNN" "STOP" Drink some water instead. I know my body will thank me for that!!!