Saturday, January 11, 2014

The first Firehorse Friday

At one point during Firehorse Friday (10-01-14), when the first few visitors had added their random paint marks to what was initially there (initial canvas in background in pic above), the canvas looked like this (see below):

We saw a bird (dove or pigeon) nesting high in the city while the madness of life rushes around below it. Then a few other people came along and transformed it further by making a few simple paint strokes (no brushes were used).

And now I am at home transforming it even more as of today (Saturday).

The purpose of yesterday was to allow everyone who came to Firehorse Friday to "let your Creative Spirit out of the stable" ... and whatever comes out, comes from the freedom of that person and will be developed from there by me.

Everyone yesterday approached differently ... some softly, some boldly, some dropping swirls of paint, some making straight lines, some using leaves, some laughing, some serious, some pensive ... There is no right or wrong.

Below are some shots featuring a few of the people who added to the canvas that day. To see the final piece, come to the exhibition. Stay tuned or send me your email address so I can put you on the mailing list.

The first visitor makes her mark.

Second "public painter" transforms it further

Next up ... Without realizing it, he painted the dove/pigeon

Another participant makes her mark

There were other participants between, but I didn't take shots of them.

The last person to make her mark before FIREHORSE FRIDAY closed at 2 pm

Stay tuned for next week's interactive FIREHORSE mission ... The results of each mission will be included in my exhibition in various ways.

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Lynn Cohen said...

How exciting. I am sure everyone enjoyed the process of being creative in this wonderful way!
Have a happy celebration!