Thursday, February 6, 2014

Submit your written offering

Dear All,

In the month of February 2014, I am gathering 108 written offerings which will be a part of one of the paintings in my upcoming FIREHORSE exhibition.

I am therefore asking you to submit an original written offering (a prayer, wish, statement, whatever you choose to call it) inspired by (and only if you really feel & want this) the desire for TT, the place and the people, to experience positive transformation and healing on all levels asap.

Please use your own words, not an existing prayer, quote, mantra, etc. The mission is to be yourself, to project a positive beam from the heart, through original written words, in line with the very specific desire/intention stated above.

You can email your written offering to me, send as a private message on Facebook or (if in Tobago) deposit a hard copy into the special FIREHORSE box which will be at the HWH Love & Magic Centre, Lambeau, Tobago (on the grounds of Shore Things Cafe).

If you know others who also want to participate, please pass on the info to them.

Thank you.


(Image shows a mala, which has 108 beads. This is a part of the piece/painting).

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