Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you have First Aid Certification?

Dear All,

In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, I called the Red Cross today to sign up to do the First Aid certification course. It is $400 per person, 2 days (weekends) from 8 - 4. First day you learn basic first aid and second day you do CPR, etc, At the end you get a certificate, valid for 3 years, enabling you to use your new skills anywhere in the world.

Their next class (last 2 Sats in Jan) are booked but I left my name. If anyone drops out, I'll get in. If not, they estimate the next date will be in March. Maybe then we can all do it together (i.e. if I don't get to do the January class I'll do March).

Are you interested? This is something useful for all of us to do. Some of you may have done it already but may need renewed certification. Not being 'negative', just practical. Whether injuries are as a result of 'simple' daily mishaps or natural disasters, it's good for us to have these basic skills ... to know how to assist in an emergency.


(The above is a letter I just sent out to some of my friends. I am posting it here too because it is something we would all do well to follow up on).

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Anonymous said...

I've had it but have to re-certify because it was so long ago. The new way to do CPR is much less complicated than the old way. Good for you for doing this!