Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My little Yoga Companion

(I don't have a photo of my Yoga Companion for this post)

Early yesterday morning while doing yoga, out of the side of my right eye I noticed something dark and large (i.e. "large" for an insect - if it was one) running next to me along the wall. Whatever it was ran behind a manilla folder I had leaning against the wall.

I shifted the folder to see if the thing would run out, but it didn't. I kept my eyes open in case whatever it was was in the mood to run onto me. After a short while, I looked in the folder, but saw nothing. I don't know where the thing was, but a few minutes later I saw it emerge: a furry, dark brown spider. It scuttled out of my sight and I thought it was gone for good.

This morning as I was doing yoga, the spider scuttled out of nowhere, ran past my mat and disappeared. Later, as I was holding a meditative posture that required no movement and eyes gazing at the tip of the nose, the spider appeared again. This time it sat right next to me at the edge of the yoga mat, keeping perfectly still.

Thankfully I'm not afraid of spiders. I see them as creative beings and I admire their ability to spin webs. This particular brown furry one seemed to be soaking in yoga vibes and doing her own yoga next to me.

When she had had enough, she scuttled away to wherever her hiding place is.

Just in time too ... as Jasper came in through the window and joined me on the mat.


Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet story, sweet imagery...from spider to cat! Loved it all. Thanks for sharing.

Henry's doing better and says thanks for all your concern and thoughtful comments.


you are not afraid of anyone. Who can long meditate on the tip of nose, will surely understand the nature of Oneness. Then the spider, or demon, all are just the spirit.

Anonymous said...

At certain times in my life I have had spider dreams.