Saturday, January 16, 2010

What about animals after a natural disaster?

Animal rescue after Hurricane Katrina
In the aftermath of disaster, we hear in the media that people are searching frantically for "loved ones". To some, "loved ones" will also include animals. I was thinking about that yesterday.

Some reading this may wonder: At a time like this, when so many people are dead and suffering, how can you even be thinking of animals?

The reality is, animals (pets and otherwise) are suffering too.

Animal rescue groups are closely monitoring the situation in Haiti


Lynn Cohen said...

Elspbeth, I have been wondering the same thing. People fighting in food not being plentiful enough...who will even consider feeding the animals? So sad.

Jayme said...

Animals, and particularly pets, are so dependent on humans for nearly everything - from shelter to nutrition, companionship, health care. I feel that we have a responsibility to take care of pets during natural distasters, since we've domesticated them and taken away some of their power of choice. What a beautiful video, made me cry!