Monday, November 1, 2010

Ready for Love?

INVEST IN LOVE: the ideal gift

Please visit this link to see the available selection of natural heart photos—a reminder that Love is everywhere and comes in all forms. The ideal gift for you and/or loved ones . . . for any special occasion or "just because."

Orders have already started coming in. This week, the first batch of requests will be processed. If you already know which hearts you would like to order, please contact me with details by Thursday 4th November to ensure that your images are produced with the current set.

Pricing and other information
4" x 6" - $100TT ($1US - $6.3TT)
8" x 12" - $250TT
Discount of 10% for wholesale orders

Each order:
(a) is printed and heat-sealed on hard board with a hook, for hanging and easy framing.
(b) comes with a special "Love Note"

Email Me
Or call: (868) 786-2539

Average production 3 - 5 days.
50% downpayment on all orders. Balance upon delivery.
Special arrangements (inc shipping & handling) for international orders.

Christmas orders close 15th December.

(Copyright signature on thumbnails not included on prints)


Lynn Cohen said...

I love how you find love everywhere Elspeth! Amazing and beautiful art!

Lynn Cohen said...

PS can you translate TT $ to US $ for me please? Thanks.

Elspeth said...

Hi Lyn, $1US - $6.3TT. International orders would include a little extra for shipping, depending on the weight of total images ordered.