Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My Spirit is a strong and beautiful Spirit.
She is with me always,
So that I am not led astray.
Where my Spirit is,
There I am.
Who my Spirit is,
That I am.
My Spirit is Love
My Spirit is Trust
My Spirit is Innocence
My Spirit is Wisdom.
My Spirit is True, above all, to my Self.
My Spirit moves me to be as I am.
My Spirit trusts me to be as I am.
And so I am.
Who knocks against my Spirit shall not enter.
Who moves with my Spirit moves with me also.

Elspeth Duncan
(Track #1, the INFINITE album, 2004)


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely spirit you!

Anonymous said...

Noteworthy trait etiquette expression conveyed melodiously. God Bless You.

Elspeth said...

God bless you too.