Thursday, March 24, 2011

Proof in my hands

Well, so much for not blogging again until the first week of teacher training is over.

How can I resist saying that today I held the proof copies of Daisy Chain in my hands?

Every time I looked at the book, I broke into a smile, acknowledging that it's finally here! Many things are "finally here". Worth the work. Worth the wait.

Patience pays.

I won't post an image of the novel, but I love how it looks. I love the simplicity and minimalism of the cover. And I love seeing the text on pages, between two covers. The whole package gives the content a whole new energy and meaning.

Once the proof copy has been proofread, I will send it back to the States, the publishers will make the necessary changes . . . and then Daisy Chain will be ready for the road! Hopefully in time for this.


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited and it's not even my book! Can't wait! So very happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!!! I am so happy for you and cannot wait to hold my copy of Daisy Chain in my hands also. I so enjoyed being a part of the readings.

Well done, you richly deserve this success.


Lynn Cohen said...

I am happy for you Elspeth!!! Can't wait to see the creation completed and then YOUR female name will be added to those list of authors on the link you gave!

Kristen. said...

Fantastic!! I wish i could see it but i'll wait with everyone else :)
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