Thursday, May 12, 2011

Less is more

Heart shape on mango in drain
Before I left for Toronto on May 2, I did (what felt like) a massive clean out . . . things to throw away and give away. I went through my clothes and pared down to (what felt like) a bare minimum, tossing tops and bottoms that either no longer fit, look old, or which I don't wear for one reason or another.

Today, as I find myself clearing away yet again, I wonder: "Where does it all come from?" Despite having gotten rid of things before my trip, I return and feel as though more needs to go. I've been at it all day—putting more clothes into a bag for the needy, ripping papers, clearing everything I don't use or need. I want to bring it down to a minimum and do my best to maintain that space and "emptiness".

Why and how do we accumulate so many things?  The reality is (in my room alone) the only things I use are my laptop, my yoga mat, my bed, fan, telephone, clothing, guitar.

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Lynn Cohen said...

There are gremlins that bring stuff into our homes when we are not looking. I am sure of it.
Actually a lot of my hords come from my garage sale finds. I just put about ten bags of stuff/good stuff/but stuff none the less that was under my design table into bins in the garage! I still have it but now my art studio/family room looks pristine where it looked yucky before! Purging is good.