Sunday, October 30, 2011

Message from the dream archives

There was a time when I used to write down my dreams every morning upon waking. While cleaning out a chest of drawers today I found a book in which I had written a few.

I like this particular short one, dated 27-06-99:

There was a large thick purple candle Everyone was trying to break it in half and couldn't. A little child said: "Let me do it." When they gave it to her she said a little prayer and instantly, easily, snapped the candle in her little hands.


Param Atma said...

YES! That is soooo what the kids can do! What we ALL can do if only we believe. Thank you for sharing your dream... which is reality if we allow it!

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

I like that, can you interpret dreams? My grandmother use to though she never really thought me. I am dreamer, there isn't a night i don't dream.

Have a blessed week.