Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Greetings

Happy New Year to all.
May it bring all that you need. And may all that you need be what you want. And may your needs and wants be what the Divine selects for you.

We celebrated last night with a ride in one of the dangerous-looking autos. They seat three to five people squashed together and look like small green and yellow eggs with wheels speeding through the streets. We then walked through the streets looking for "something" happenin, but there was "nothing". Yet, in nothing there is everything.

At midnight we wished each other happy new year on the sidewalk, observed some fireworks and sidewalk explosions ( ie festive explosions) and returned to the hotel.

I was in 2012 ten hours ahead of TT, which, as I write this, has just crossed into the new year.

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