Monday, January 16, 2012

What's happening

If you see a lot if spam in the side bar under comments, ignore it. Even though reported to Blogger, these spam comments continue to come. They are either about gold or weddings. I've given up deleting them every time I see them.

In other news:
1. The temperature is one degree celsius according to the internet. In no hurry to leave the house, but will soon.

2. Meeting Andrew (one of my best friends from Cambridge days, whom I met when we did Criminology together) for lunch, then returning home to resume our edit of the videos the girls created during the video workshop in Kolkata.

3. Bought two children's books yesterday, to help me learn Bengali. Starting with the to pronounce and write the letters. The other book is a picture dictionary featuring some common words in various categories. So far for the morning have learned to count to ten (N.B. spelling somewhat as pronounced): ek, dui, tin, char, paach, choy, shaat, aat, noi, dorsh

Looking forward to being able to put together sentences and converse, even if just the basics for now. Better yet to be able to write using Bengali script. So calligraphic.

Location:Brewhouse Ln,London,United Kingdom

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