Sunday, April 1, 2012

The recent Daisy Chain reading

The recent Daisy Chain reading at the Bookstock event in London went well. I was one of four authors who read from novels or (as one author did) works in progress. As always, I like to have the audience participate in some way, so I used the interactive approach I had used at my last reading in Tobago (Nov 2011).

Names of different characters were on coloured pieces of paper in these little bags. Prior to reading I passed them around and members of the audience chose at random. For each name chosen, I would read an excerpt from that character's chapter (20 minutes worth of reading in total).
On coloured pieces of paper, I wrote selected quotes from the book. I chose sentences/phrases that were either provocative or had a predictive type quality to them, so the person reading would relate to it on a personal level. On the back of each was the link to the e-book.

Other readings coming up in London. Stay tuned.

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Lynn Cohen said...

What a fun are ever so clever!