Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am Elspeth Stereo

Last night I learned an interesting new slang word from the dream world.

In the dream I went to give a talk at my alma mater (SAGHS). When I got there, I learned that the 'talk' was supposed to be a reading of Daisy Chain, which everyone was excitedly anticipating ... but I hadn't brought a copy of D.C. with me.  (Hmm, not a bad idea to go and do a reading of Daisy Chain at the school ...)

Rather than rush home to get a copy of the novel (which in that moment I confirmed I should always have with me), I decided to give everyone the exercise of writing in stream-of-consciousness and let them create their own 'Daisy Chain'.

As some of the teachers and girls streamed in to the room (maybe they streamed consciously!), two of the girls excitedly said to me: "We've always wanted to meet you. We've heard so much about you! You're Elspeth Stereo." In their teen lingo, "Stereo" meant 'amazing'.

Now that I am awake, I see the many other symbolic meanings of 'stereo'.

Interesting ...

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