Monday, June 25, 2012

Suggestion for decreasing/eliminating road carnage, crime and pollution in Trinidad and Tobago

In an ideal Trinidad and Tobago, someone with a technical mind would invent a computerised mechanism (to be fitted to all vehicles in TT by law) which prevents cars from increasing speed above 50 mph. This will drastically reduce or eliminate completely the amount of 'innocent bystanders' being killed by runaway vehicles that fly off the road and slam into them. Speeding, alcohol-fueled cars will no longer be able to flip the median and crush unsuspecting vehicles on the other side of the highway. The only vehicles legally allowed to drive without these devices would be fire brigades, ambulances, police and army vehicles.

This computerised device will also help to lower the crime rate as criminals won't be able to make speedy getaways. People will complain that their cars are too slow to take them to work on time (as if Trinis care about time). This grouse will be addressed by the introduction of (a) mandatory classes in time management for employees of all businesses and (b) a world-class nationwide public transport service---preferably trams and trains, accompanied by legal mandates about car pooling (at least 3 people in a car allowed on roads at peak hours). Lorries and delivery vehicles will complain about slower speed of delivery affecting business, but less traffic on the roads will give them the extra time they require, even when driving at a decreased mph/kmph.

An additional transport alternative will be provided by clearly marked bike lanes or a special "Bike Route" (akin to the bus route, but for bikes only). After a period of complaining and protesting, people in T & T will surrender to the inevitable and start riding bikes, realizing that they can get around faster and more safely and economically. Pollution & the demand for gas will be drastically reduced and we will begin to see a much healthier population, resulting in less of a strain on the health sector (which will also be eased up by not having so many road accident victims to deal with).

Some other enterprising person will invent a special lightweight protective covering that sits on the head and stretches over the body to connect like a tent to the handle bars and back of bikes. The front of this 'bike tent' will be transparent and polarized to cut glare and prevent sun damage to eyes and skin. The rest of it will be made of a cooling fabric which allows air to circulate as the person rides.

The U of I & I (University of Innovation & Invention) will be established, training young people to conceptualize and develop their minds—to think out of the box and create the amazing products and equipment they have imagined. This process will empower the youths, enabling them to develop concrete creative solutions to the nation's multiple problems. Their level of self worth, self esteem and sense of social importance will sky-rocket.  Marked reduction in drug use and crime levels will be recorded.



Lynn Cohen said...

I see you up for some nobel prize for peace and safety in the very near future for saving so many lives in your area.
I hope you are able to impliment these plans soon for the sake of all concerned! Especially like the bike tent! ;-) Good luck getting those patented!

Anonymous said...

On another positive note:
Presently reading 'Daisy Chain' and lovin' it!