Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Join Thou Art Yoga's free September Skype yoga classes

Join us for free Thou Art Yoga Skype classes every Tuesday evening from 6 - 7 p.m. for the month of September.

This will give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of online classes as Thou Art Yoga gears
up for an exciting Skype yoga series starting in October.

Thanks to Skype, you can join us whether you are in TT or abroad. Varying time zones are a consideration ... but yoga is about flexibility, and we will find ways to make this work for all.

Due to only ten available video slots on Skype video conference calls, preference will be given (for the free classes) to those who have not yet done one with us. However once free space is available, anyone can participate on a first come first serve basis.

To be included, please send your name and Skype name to me (email link in side bar) or as a comment on Thou Art Yoga's Facebook page (in messages or as a comment). A Skype invitation will then be sent to you.
Please make sure that:
1. You have a webcam on your computer or camera on your laptop
2. You have an up to date version of Skype

Thanks to those who took part yesterday. Despite one or two technological glitches which were beyond our control, everything went smoothly and, based on feedback, a wonderful experience was had by all. The real connection between us is Divine Energy. It is true, powerful and infinite, unlike the technological connection. So, internet glitches or not, we're still in the flow together.

Sat nam.