Monday, September 10, 2012

Your suggestions are welcome

THOU ART YOGA INVITES SUGGESTIONS for what and where you would like our yoga class to be on Friday 21 September—UN International Day of Peace. Even if you are not a Thou Art Yoga student you can still make a suggestion ... but if your idea is chosen, we would like you to be there to take part in it (unless you are from abroad, in which case you can be with us in Spirit and/or join us by carrying out your suggestion wherever you are).

Be as creative and innovative in your suggestions as you want to be, keeping it simple and effective. You can suggest something as small and simple as having a regular class with a particular peace theme, giving each other peace gifts, etc ... or as big (yet still simple) as something that reaches (and includes) the entire nation, region and/or globe.

We can have it in our studio or somewhere outdoors. The possibilities are infinite. As long as it promotes peace.

The idea that appeals to most and is most practical in terms of getting it done in the given time frame will be selected. If workable, a few suggestions may be combined.

Suggestions accepted all of this week until Friday 17th September.

Read here about International Day of Peace

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Anonymous said...

wayne hutchinson's cabin in santa cruz