Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Brave Enough.

On Sunday I went out with two friends, one of whom has a son, J, about 8 years old. He is one of the children in my Wednesday evening Yoga sessions for children.

We spent a few hours at our location—what used to be Arnos Vale Waterwheel Restaurant but is now a deserted property ... a beautiful, deserted property, might I add. So much potential.

Even though quiet and desolate, the property still felt like it had life in it ... and I don't mean the trees and the hundreds of bats now occupying the various rooms.  It was almost like being in a movie and seeing faint impressions of diners and socialites milling around, laughing, drinking, eating, listening or dancing to the live band on the now what-must-be-rotten stage across the little river from the old restaurant. 

In the kitchen, a light was still on. In one of the rooms, water was streaming from the tap, which we were unable to turn off because it seemed to be rusted in an open position.

There was a little sunny stone circle in the midst of the property, under some trees. "Perfect for yoga!" I said. My two companions (who are in my adult yoga class) agreed. J then led us through a yoga session, a children's version. I was impressed. Despite the noise and apparent distraction they sometimes exhibit in our yoga sessions, they are still listening and taking it all in.

While on our outing, I spent most of my time in J's company and noticed a phrase he kept repeating. At one point, he and I were looking for a path through some bush to get down to the small river. He said: "I'm brave enough to go here!" and charged ahead, almost like a knight on a horse brandishing a sword in the air.

At another point, we noticed a track that was leading up through some bush to an area out of our sight. He said: "I'm brave enough to go up here! Who's coming?" Of course I was right behind him, admiring his simple but powerful mantra:

"I'm brave enough!"

What are you brave enough to do today ... or any day?

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