Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An interesting dream

Leaf in floor of subway station in Toronto
Last night in my dream I was in Toronto. I was in a house or large studio apartment with several other people. I think I was a visitor, but I felt at home and was familiar with the place we were in. It was sunny and warm, maybe summer. We were preparing for some kind of celebration.

At some point, people started arriving, then some musicians walked in carrying drums and sitars and I realised that whatever we were celebrating would soon be getting started.

I was wearing the same clothes I had had on all morning as we were preparing, so I went to bathe and change. In a medium sized suitcase I had several pieces of clothing in various colours. I was drawn to a white pair of jeans (so white they were glowing) and an elegant white cotton shirt with very thin but visible brown stitching on its seams. My energy started to glow and heighten when I saw the white, so I knew I had to wear it.

In the room, by the window, there was another girl in a red t-shirt. She also had to change. We started talking and she was showing me something. I can't remember what, now, but it was visual - like photographs, but not quite. Whatever it was made me curious and I asked her what she does. She showed me a dropper and said: "I go around collecting colours from nature."

Somehow, even though we were in the room, she was able to demonstrate by touching a leaf out in the garden and gathering the green as a liquid in her dropper. It wasn't like she had taken something from the leaf, but as though the leaf had given something to her. I was fascinated.

The dream ended there, so I'm not sure what she did with the green. But maybe I instinctively wore white because I knew I would be the canvas.


Samantha said...

Beautiful dream.....have you tried to analize it?

Samantha said...

You do music too? Do you ever stop?
Tell me.....how does a creative soul like you earn $$$ to support yourself?

Just wondered if you had to work like me at a job that you have a love/not so like relationship with?

And then I have kids.....

Whatever...keep up your bad creative self.

Elspeth said...

Hi Samantha. No, I haven't tried to analyse it. I'm just going with what it feels like - and it felt good. So whatever it means, I'm sure it's something good.

Re your second comment, maybe I will write about that today.