Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me and my music - starting over & getting back out there

We start the season with our Featured Guest Elspeth Duncan who embellishes the title of 'Caribbean Artist' as she is quite proficient in the Visual and Musical Arts, Film and Culture. We took her out from behind the camera and shone a light on her, recognizing her vast achievements over the years. So, look out for our featured guest this week on Caribbean Cultural Riddums, only on

(Adrian of Caribbean Cultural Riddums)
(From the archives):
Performing at the launch of my "INFINITE" CD

Yesterday I was interviewed by Adrian Simmons of Caribbean Cultural Riddums. It was a 40 minute interview that will come on air tomorrow (internet streaming). I'll share the link when it is up ... even though I feel a bit 'shy' to share it, since I haven't seen/heard the edited version yet and I have no idea how it will all come across. Maybe everyone goes through that feeling when being interviewed on camera. "Did what I say make sense?" ... "Was it a bad hair day?"

Well, whether it was a bad hair day or not, there is no escape. You and others will see it.

We essentially spoke about 'what I do' ... music (mainly), video/film, photography, etc. and what inspires me. I felt like I was rambling ... but that's because there's so much to say and one thing leads to another ... and sometimes I go galloping off from the original question.

Adrian had asked me to bring my guitar, to perform in the studio. I played a snippet of "Infinite" (from my INFINITE album) and sang the whole of "Beloved" (from the same album). I closed the interview with a special drum offering from Dandelion.

I guess I'll find out how my 'performances' came across when I see the link. I haven't performed in ages and, as a result, I don't think I've grown in and developed that art. I've never even really considered myself 'a performer' (even though I used to 'perform') ... so I need to become one. It would take time, commitment, learning, constructive advice and practice to help me know and become who I am as a performer, to hone my own style and present myself on many levels to an audience.

Even something as simple as ... who do I look at when I'm singing? Some people close their eyes. Some stare at one person. Some look at everybody in turn. Some stare at the floor or at their fingers on the instrument. Some stare at an object or gaze into the distance. I think I've done all of the above.

I recently made the decision to get back into my music, to start performing regularly (whenever I get or make the opportunity to), to do what is necessary to get better, to be serious, confident and committed and to take up and make the most of musical opportunities that come my way. It will be interesting and will require personal evolution on many levels. It's not an overnight thing.
N.B. In all of these archival shots my hair is short. Sheared off and grown back a few times in between.
Now it's long.
Time to do NEW music and update the whole package.

I haven't done any new music in a long while - partly because (i) for a while I became more immersed in video/film and (ii) my Roland keyboard workstation (on which I've created all my instrumental music since 1998) is now dead. But a recent long distance collaboration with a musician in Toronto (with whom I've collaborated before) got me inspired to start back ... embarking upon the exploration of music creation using software.

It is an exciting journey full of promise. Lots to learn as I develop.

"New" music is a relative term. Some people don't even know I do music ... much less know the music itself! So even 'old' pieces would be new to them. This also goes for billions of people the world over who don't even know me ... a small drop in a vast ocean.

If you've never heard my music and you want to, you can click on the REVERBNATION link on the right hand side bar. I've only featured five songs - some with lyrics and singing and some only instrumental (done on my now 'dead' keyboard). When I put some of my new music I will let you know.


jenni Anderson said...

I am soooo looking forward to hearing your interview Ms E!!!!

Elspeth said...

I'm curious as well, HRH Jen.