Tuesday, August 4, 2009

L, R, L, L ... etc.

Another of my favourite shots from yesterday ... capturing a pigeon in a burst of light.

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

On Sunday I attended the housewarming (apartment-warming) of my friend Dara and her partner Sara. It was a lovely night of their friends, light music, eats, drinks and great conversation which stretched into the early morning when guests dwindled away. I was spending the night, so S, D and I stayed up chatting until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer.

Later that morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed out with our cameras. As we had no particular destination in mind, I introduced them to a ‘game’ I had devised in Trinidad but had only ever used with the car (not on foot).

You write an equal number of L (left) and R (right) on pieces of paper, shake them up, choose one by one and write out the order in which they appear.

E.g. You could end up with L, R, R, L, R … etc.

Once you step out of your door (or from wherever you decide your starting point will be), you follow the directions, heading down the first open street (i.e. no dead ends) that is on your Left or Right (as per the directions). The fun part is seeing where you end up eventually. However the way there is just as intriguing, especially on foot.

Our mission this particular time was to each take photos of whatever things captured our attention along the particular left or right road we were on.

What was interesting about the directions we ended up with … was that they led us around S & D’s neighbourhood and the final R (right) turn brought us right back home to their apartment!

See the below images for the progression which led to my favourite shot of the day ... in fact my favourite shot of my whole time here so far (because I've been trying to get it all this time).
Running and clicking, trying to catch my subject
Still running, into someone's open garden, following my subject ... and still not getting it.
Finally! Third time lucky? I've always wanted to capture one of these in mid air with my camera.

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