Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the story?

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

I like this message strung up on the fence of the tennis courts at Trinity Bellwoods Park. I saw it last night on my way to where Drummers in Exile have their drum circle on Tuesdays during the summer. I was going to try out Laughter Yoga (was fun/interesting/different) for the first time.

Pretty impressive that someone had the idea and took the time to clamber up there and weave the letters. I felt it was a creative and strategic apology inspired by a relationship break up. The 'ex' either goes there daily or often to play tennis ... or walks that route with his/her dog ... or passes there to go home/to work ... or maybe, being Tuesday, was on his/her way to the Drummers in Exile drum circle. Maybe the two of them hadn't been communicating and this was the best way of getting through. I wonder if the sign moved the 'ex' in any way to consider forgiveness. I for one was touched when I looked up and saw it.

Or maybe it's not about a broken relationship. Could be a message woven by loved ones of someone who used to play tennis there who passed away. Or maybe someone, for some reason, left the city, moved elsewhere and his/her loved one(s) wanted to create the sign, take a photo and send it to him/her as an alternative way of expressing the feeling. Could be a sign for a lost or deceased pet who used to love to play in the park. (Like the door I saw in Kensington Market, painted in honour of a deceased dog). Could have been a giant spider with literacy skills.


Lynn Cohen said...

I thought of the death one first, but like your last one best.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, you have such a wonderful imagination. And this city brings it out in you more, eh?