Monday, April 26, 2010

A few comments on Daisy Chain

Several recipients of the daily e-mailed Daisy Chain extracts have been writing with feedback. See a few of their comments below.

I feel like an addict ... every day I hurriedly check my email for Daisy Chain updates. My only complaint is that the excerpts are too short. That's because I'm greedy. I get reading and don't want to stop. Great great great ... I can't wait for it to be launched.

Comment via email from recipient of daily email extracts - Virma B., Ottawa, Canada


I like all the descriptive passages here which is just about every single line you wrote! You are good at so many things. This is terrific writing ... it really draws me. Thanks for sending.

Comment via email from recipient of daily email extracts - Lynn, California


You are a talented writer. In just the space of these brief extracts, you create an unsettling ambiance, real characters about whom we are at least curious, and you hook the reader. I can't wait to read the book and see if you sustain these effects consistently. I enjoy your style, particularly the way you parenthetically insert information. It creates an ostensibly relaxed atmosphere in contrast with an underlying tension.

Comment from recipient of daily email extracts: Jeanne Mason, co-editor Trinidad Noir


I haven't read a novel in many years now as I've been following my urge to explore psycho/spiritual material. So this is the first novel I am experiencing in a long time and with only the first two extracts I'm delighting in the way the words and images play out and that it's from your stream of consciousness. Thanks for sharing!

Comment from recipient of daily email extracts: Vanessa Soodeen, Spain


If this book has a colour, it is yellow, like the sun, like the hearts of the daisies on the cover, like promises. If it has a mood, it is of longing, searching, of hopeful expectancy. The women here think, listen, wonder, seek, explore, embrace. Go at this smorgasbord at your own pace - savour each titbit as it is presented or gobble them up like I did, only to go back and sample again the ones that struck and need some careful chewing over.

Review from award-winning writer Barbara Jenkins (Trinidad) who has read the whole book


"Oh Gad!!!!!!"

Comment via email from recipient of daily email extracts - Patrice Charles - after reading the extract from Myrna Christie:

An extract a day (until the launch) of DAISY CHAIN

A stream-of-consciousness novel by Elspeth Duncan
Launch of e-version:
Friday May 7, 2010
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
National Library/NALIS, P.O.S.
You are invited.

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