Thursday, April 1, 2010

Testimonial from J. M-F.

Open house showing window lamps in progress - in the studio I had at the time
I first saw Elspeth's window lamps at a group exhibition at CCA7 - her studio space/work had an aura that none of the other artists in residence had, and I think it was because her multimedia offerings were so interactive; the soft glow from the window lamps in the corners were also a soothing presence. I left the exhibition feeling fresh, positive, hopeful.
The Dream House Window Lamp
Years later, I asked Elspeth if she would be part of a video I was producing on the Arts & Entertainment sector in T&T. While her segment never made it into the final cut of the video, the footage we filmed marked the beginning of the incredible journey that was the Dream House Window Lamp. One of the things that stuck in my mind was the distinction made between kairos and chronos (the universe's schedule and man-made time) and I made a point of attending the unveiling of the window lamp at Alice Yard. My husband and I participated in submitting our dreams (written on a piece of paper) to the Dream House window lamp - and one of our dreams come true - our son - is sleeping on my lap as I write this: testimony that the universe listens and positive thought/action/art can make a difference. Kairos. Everything in its time.

J. M-F.

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Lynn Cohen said...

How sweet that out of your lamp and their dream came a baby boy! Mazol Tov.