Thursday, April 15, 2010

Women Build "The Promise Home"

Short doc project (2008/9) 5 schoolgirls and openly HIV+ mother of two, Lorna under guidance of Happy Hippy Productions.
Women, be a part of T&T's first Habitat for Humanity: Women Build, April - May 2010. You could be one of many female volunteers coming together to raise funds, provide food and drink for each other and construct a new home for Lorna (HIV+ woman featured in the above short documentary) and her family - husband and two children. The name of this new house we will be building together is "The Promise Home".

Contact Carlene Pooran at Habitat (782-4663) asap for more information and to register as a volunteer.

Most of you will remember the other short doc I worked on - INVISIBLE (2007) - which also resulted in a partnership with Habitat to build a new home for (then homeless) HIV+ Veronica and her two children. Habitat continues to do invaluable work, constructing homes for families in need.
Veronica's House (2008)
MORE ON THE HENRY FAMILY HERE (info supplied by Habitat) Mr Curt Henry and Mrs Lorna Hamilton Henry Barataria
The Henrys are the proud parents of two young beautiful children under the age of six years old. Mrs Henry is a very vocal advocate for the National HIV/AIDS coalition, as she is HIV positive. She is quite aware of the ways in which the disease can disrupt ones daily life and will do all within her power to help others avoid contracting the virus. Unfortunately, her beloved husband damaged his spinal cord and is unable to work a regular job. Consequently, they have been walking on a very, very tight financial rope within recent years. The family's home is made up of termite eaten rotting boards and a rusting galvanize roof which is on the verge of collapse Part of the outer wall at the front of the house which was made of plyboard has since collapsed and is replaced by fabric. The bathroom/toilet facility is outdoors, which further makes it an unsafe dwelling for the children in particular. The house is unlivable and at present they have been sharing a room in Mrs. Henry's mother's house. We can do so much to bring some safety and security to this most deserving family. This project has been named "The Promise Home" as it will symbolize the promise Mrs. Hamilton-Henry has mde not only for her children but significantly for herself. This legacy that she wants to leave for her children is one of strength, determination and hope. She is afflicted with this disease but that does not mean her life and dreams are over. Women can build and by joining forces and working together side by side, we can help this family build "The Promise Home". (Release from Habitat for Humanity TT)

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Lynn Cohen said...

What wonderful work you do, such a generous spirit. I hope you rally many others to come and help this deserving family and other families after them.