Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yesterday evening, as I sat on the sofa in the Moksha Yoga Studio lobby (waiting to go in for the 6:30 POS Kundalini Yoga class), I was reading the book in the above image. A little boy dressed in his capoeira whites came and squashed up next to me.

"You choose all dem book?" he asked me, pointing to the stack of books on the coffee table.

"They're for whoever wants to read them," I said.

He reached forward, took one and started flicking through it, looking at the pictures.

I asked him how long he had been doing capoeira.

"Is too many years for me to count. I born wid it."

I asked him his age. Nine.

We sat in silence, looking at our books . . . or rather, he was looking at mine, even though his was open on his lap. At one point, when the page turned to reveal a particularly pretzel-ish posture, he looked up at me and asked in all seriousness: "Dem ting does be possible?"

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Lynn Cohen said...

Such a sweet story. I do love the local speak too.