Monday, December 13, 2010

Was that me?

One of my Criminology essays

Someone who is interested in Criminology just wrote and asked me if I have any notes I can lend her. It was quite a while ago that I was at Cambridge (doing a Masters in Criminology), so who knows where the notes are! 

But digging in an old box about half an hour ago revealed some essays . . . all neatly written by hand! How did I do that? Thousands of words, without a scratch or blotch, in neat lines, with handwriting that is quite unlike what it is now.

It's as though I was a whole different person back then. The style of writing, the content, the use of terms, the way I wrote pages upon pages on police, child delinquency, etc. It all seems worlds away. I wouldn't know how to begin approaching these essay topics now (listed below).

1. The Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure suggested these criteria for the law relating to police powers—fairness, openness and practicability. How far are these satisfied by the provisions of Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 relating to the search of persons?

2. How and why do parental child-rearing techniques influence the development of delinquency in children?

3. Does feminist research have to be "on, by and for" women?

That was then. This is now. 


Lynn Cohen said...

How fun to find pieces of our former selves. And nice to learn some of your past as well. Thanks for sharing those neat straight lines.....................

Tammy-Jade™ said...

I have a notebook filled with my favourite quotations, all hand written. I have no clue where my beautiful handwriting went to. Sadly, I think I lost it to the computer. :-(

Maybe I need to buy one of those penmanship copy books and start practicing again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you've moved more into your right brain.