Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awakened by a long-tailed creature

I was awakened this morning by the sound of Jasper leaping through the window. The furtiveness with which he landed made me realise he had something in his mouth. Sure enough, I opened my eyes to see his face hovering above mine, a creature with a long tail clenched between his jaws. In the dark, I thought it was a rat.

I leaped out of bed, turned on the light and saw the iguana. (Iguana as power animal.) As Jasper dropped it to the floor, I ran to get a bucket, which I placed over the reptile to (a) protect it from Jasper and (b) prevent it from running all over the bedroom. It stayed under the bucket until dawn.

In an attempt to take it outside, I lifted it by the tail. It started to squirm, gripped its feet onto my sneakers with surprising force and started to pull. The tail broke off and wriggled at my feet.

My only option was to place the bucket over the iguana and push the bucket outside. The above image (somewhat blurry) shows the iguana, either half dead or still stunned, lying behind the hedge near the driveway.

(Just went to check on it and it's gone . . .)

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