Friday, February 18, 2011

Sprout is being adopted!

A short while ago, I got an email that made me scream with joy and immediately run to the phone to dial the sender to thank her profusely. I will copy and paste her email below. While reading it, you will agree with me that she is the IDEAL companion for Sprout (who turns out to be a boy, not a girl).

Talking with Halcyon on the phone and hearing the excitement and joy and love in her voice, I have no doubt that little Sprout is going to the right home and will have a very happy life!


The email (also as a comment on the last Sprout post):


I just wanted to let you know that I went to see Sprout today, and have decided to adopt him. BTW he is a boy. I have no clue how I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and read the "update" posting. Before I had even read the first posting of his rescue and survival, I had already decided that I would adopt him. After reading that first posting about his survival and yoga start...I absolutely knew he was the kitten for me. I have spent months pondering the adoption of a kitten, as I lost my beloved 13 year old cat last April. Ironically his name was Baby Cat...and he was 27lbs of girth. My heart has been broken since his passing, and I did not think I would ever be able to have another cat. But Sprout has changed that.

I was always told that I would know when the time was right...and I know that this is that time. I have to wait three weeks before bringing little Sprout home....

Thanks so much for rescue-ing him...nurturing him....and blogging about him.

Warm regards,



mary soodeen said...

That is indeed great news.
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in Tobago.
We have snowy white ones as well as others.
mary Soodeen
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Lynn Cohen said...

This story could not have had a better ending. I am tearful with joy for sprout and YOU.
Halcyon was the name of my mother's best friend who was a friend from earliest childhood to death. (she introduced my parents to each other too)...For me Hal is a good omen.

Afrodeity said...


Ideal indeed. I debated responding to your call for an adopter, but with Eva and a reluctant landlady, it wasn't the best idea. I am glad everything went as it was meant to.

Elspeth said...

It's true, Lyn and Afrodeity, what you both said about the name Halcyon gives added meaning to her relevance as Sprout's new owner.